Everyone Sins Differently

Came across this very interesting line, "Don't judge others because they sin differently than you".Sounds like a very polite and humble reminder, whilst you weighing the wrongdoings of others, do not forget your own, as Charles F. Glassman said "Judging others is easy because it distracts us from the responsibility of judging ourselves".While we get … Continue reading Everyone Sins Differently

Woe Of An Afghan On Foreign Land

One of my Afghan friends asked me for a stroll on the freezing winter night to the seaside,  I went along with her, as I could see she was clearly melancholic that day, she was quiet so I refrained from asking questions,  we kept sitting together silently staring at the wide sea, she lost in … Continue reading Woe Of An Afghan On Foreign Land

Solidarity Is A Life You choose

Boycott or protest, solidarity, support is not just a word, but a life you choose,  a decision you make & that costs you a lot in life,  Those activists standing up for Palestine or Yemen, Iraq, Syria,  Afghanistan today,  goes to great lengths to remain steady on what they are chanting for. In the west … Continue reading Solidarity Is A Life You choose

Our silence is what’s continuing this violence.

The creation of humans started with a Concern, when they angles asked the creator of heavens and earth, “Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?” (2:30) , Today the world is in a drastic state, instead of making it a better … Continue reading Our silence is what’s continuing this violence.

The Whole World is Gaza Now

The more you wake up, The more Palestinian you're becoming !! During the Corona virus lockdown days, I heard my Palestinian friends from Gaza responding to me that for them its going to be almost a decade living under a siege, their everyday is lockdown, their movement is confined ,they cannot see their families living … Continue reading The Whole World is Gaza Now

The Pimpled Lads In the Basements

I came across this very interesting comment by the British Journalist Andrew Marr " The business of funding digging journalists is important to encourage. It cannot be replaced by bloggers who don't have access to politicians, who don't have easy access to official documents, who aren't able to buttonhole people in power." To some extent … Continue reading The Pimpled Lads In the Basements

Skeletons In The Closet

Many people when they become successful or get noticed  their rivals dig out the mistakes of their past , bring out the skeletons from the closet.It could be envy , insecurity,  spite or it could be to share that your past might be your future aswell. Its true,  racists , chavunists, biased ones , seek … Continue reading Skeletons In The Closet

The Green Dress

You might have heard and read this motivational statement " do whatever makes you happy "  , its really a deep one , I'll share something very simple yet I found it bringing me immense pleasure.One fine morning I woke up & starred getting ready for my class,  and I felt like all I want … Continue reading The Green Dress

You Are The Change

For every problem in the country we blame the leaders,  the politicians,  the people on the top , they're responsible for each problem, injustice ,the crumbling economy ,Pebble you've stumbled upon on your way to work !! We forget that we The People are the ones responsible for what's happening around us , If you … Continue reading You Are The Change

Way to Emphaty

While asking for some information from a Turkish citizen , and receiving a rude reply,One of my Somali friend said something very simple  ,yet profoud"Majority of these people never travel abroad, most of them don't even know the next city,  their lives are so limited , they don't know how to treat anyone who is … Continue reading Way to Emphaty