My name is Joziah Thayer. I am a researcher, writer, and activist. I founded the WEDA Coalition in 2011 to combat mainstream media and governmental narratives that often mislead the public. WEDA is an altruistic research base website, not a news organization. I think that our data is not a fair trade to corporatist conglomerates to use their services for “free” and that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is a horrible betrayal of this Constitutional Republic.

We have a right to an actual free and open press that opposes governments instead of getting their talking points from them. We have a right to demand that our elected officials serve their constituents and not the lobbyist who force-feed them into immoral obscenities instead of living beings capable of moral judgment.

I once wanted to work for what we call today “Mainstream Media” until I realized that the people we see on television and read in newspapers or magazines aren’t even objective journalists. They are more like Hollywood actors or actresses, just playing a role that they are directed to play. Who is controlling them, you might ask? Money.

Americans believe we have a choice regarding what we eat, what we see on Youtube, what music or streams we listen to, and what we read in books or news articles. How is this so when 85% of the music you hear is from the same playlist? Why are soaps, cookies, candy bars, oatmeal, sodas, fast foods, and everything else brought to you by ten companies?

If we are a nation without state-run media, why is 90% of our media brought to us by five companies? News Corp, General Electric, Disney, Time Warner, and Viacom/CBS are the five companies currently controlling our media.

We also have the illusion of choice regarding our democracy; how can we be a free and open society when two political parties have ruled the United States for its entire existence? Are we a free nation when we are told that voting third party or independent is un-American? How many American citizens know their tax dollars were used to bomb 11 sovereign nations last year?

Acceptance without opposition only leaves an innocent soul complicit. We are not in control of our government. The contrary has been our reality for centuries. We are subservient subsidiaries, and our collective lack of will to oppose the powers that be are the same strings of the puppeteers that happen to control us.
The American Revolution was because Americans were sick of British officers invading their homes and subjecting them to illegal search and seizure. How is invasive data mining of our private information any different?

We are the supply to their demand, the civilians of their civility. We fight their wars, buy their products, vote for them, protect their streets, and show our unwavering devotion via our robust patriotism. When was the last time we citizens put our political banter aside, stood up for something, and created actual change? How long will we watch this cycle repeat itself? Are you going to allow these injustices? Accept our realm of mania as the norm? I’m asking for us not to be subservient materialistic subsidiaries aloft in our monetary system, ignoring our deteriorating surroundings as long as we have the latest iPhone.

It’s time to acknowledge the faults of our government and stand together as one against big corporations and big government because, like I.F Stone once said: “All governments lie” it is our duty as citizens to correct their lies.

By Joziah Thayer – “silentium turpe, desidia mors est”
Contact: Twitter @ dapeaple – Email:


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