#FreeAssange Tweetsheet – Tweet at all the British MPs!

Please use caution when using a tweet sheet and space tweets out by a few minutes so Twitter doesn't lock you for spam. Just click and tweet at British MP's and ask them to stand up and oppose the extradition of Julian Assange. This is a huge list and we do not expect everyone to … Continue reading #FreeAssange Tweetsheet – Tweet at all the British MPs!

Stand Up Against The Extradition of Julian Assange: Join The #NoJulian4US Tweetstorm

  The Tweetstorm starts February 23rd, at 11:59 PM and continues until the extradition hearing of Julian Assange concludes. The idea behind a small compact Tweetsheets to be released in phases is to ensure that Twitter does not lock accounts for what they call “suspicious behavior” or “automated behavior”. Please Tweet in 9 or 10 … Continue reading Stand Up Against The Extradition of Julian Assange: Join The #NoJulian4US Tweetstorm

#StopTorturingPalestinians TweetSheet

Israeli Occupation Forces arrested more than 5,500 Palestinians, including 889 children and at least 128 women in 2019. #StopTorturingPalestinians We call on all local, regional and international jurisdictions to take effective procedural steps to ensure the protection of the Palestinians and the preservation of humanity. #StopTorturingPalestinians Each year approximately 500-700 Palestinian children, some as young … Continue reading #StopTorturingPalestinians TweetSheet

#PrisonStrike TweetSheet

Twitterstorm for support of the National Prison Strike! Plz join us this hour of 1-2PM EST. Use #SupportNationalPrisonStrike in your original tweets thank you! Carolina is throwing strikers into isolation in multiple facilities. Defend the strikers, get your crew hyped and make some calls this Tuesday! p.s. It's gonna be a busy week. You just … Continue reading #PrisonStrike TweetSheet

#AaronsLaw Tweetstorm

  Aarons Law Tweetsheet   (1) Establish that breaches of terms of service, employment agreements, or contracts are not automatic violations of the CFAA. (2) Bring balance back to the CFAA by eliminating a redundant provision that enables an individual to be punished multiple times through duplicate charges for the same violation. (3) Eliminate the … Continue reading #AaronsLaw Tweetstorm

#TrialAtHome Click-to-Tweet Sheet #FreeLauri

 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2478407/British-Lauri-Love-charged-hacking-US-systems.html 99.8% of those federally charged in the US r forced into plea agreements is tht justice? #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome 2.    CFAA law n conjunction w/ US-UK extradition treaties 2 extradite #FreeLauri if allowed who will b next? #TrialAtHome https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/oct/28/us-briton-hacking-charges-nasa-lauri-love   3.    http://s.telegraph.co.uk/graphics/projects/hacker-lauri-love-extradition/ contact ur state leaders & tell them tht the extradition of #FreeLauri is … Continue reading #TrialAtHome Click-to-Tweet Sheet #FreeLauri

#Justice4Adrian TweetStorm Happening now!!!

#Justice4Adrian Tweetstorm! When:May 20th, 2017 Time: 2-4 p.m. EST Contacts:Twitter @firemanjohn628 @OpenThePrimary @PGHowie1 Purpose of Tweetstorm: To reach out and bring awareness to #NationalMissingChildrensDay and the case of Adrian Jones #Justice4Adrian He’s known across the Kansas City metro as the boy who was fed to pigs.To Judy Conway, Adrian Jones was her grandson. Officers found … Continue reading #Justice4Adrian TweetStorm Happening now!!!