Stand Up For Lauri Love #TrialAtHome

Lauri Love’s extradition appeal is set to be heard later this month on the 28th and the 29th. Activist, human rights advocates, experts on Autism and over 100 PM’s in the UK have all voiced their outrage over the United States latest power grab, in extraditing Lauri Love the U.S. is not seeking justice, in fact, they are seeking the exact opposite. The U.S. and … Continue reading Stand Up For Lauri Love #TrialAtHome

#TrialAtHome Click-to-Tweet Sheet #FreeLauri 99.8% of those federally charged in the US r forced into plea agreements is tht justice? #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome 2.    CFAA law n conjunction w/ US-UK extradition treaties 2 extradite #FreeLauri if allowed who will b next? #TrialAtHome   3. contact ur state leaders & tell them tht the extradition of #FreeLauri is inhumane Lauri should get a #TrialAtHome 4.    kindly donate to … Continue reading #TrialAtHome Click-to-Tweet Sheet #FreeLauri