laurilove7 99.8% of those federally charged in the US r forced into plea agreements is tht justice? #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome


2.    CFAA law n conjunction w/ US-UK extradition treaties 2 extradite #FreeLauri if allowed who will b next? #TrialAtHome


3. contact ur state leaders & tell them tht the extradition of #FreeLauri is inhumane Lauri should get a #TrialAtHome


4.    kindly donate to the #FreeLauri defense fund, demand Congress reviews the letter frm 114 MP’s demand a #TrialatHome


5.    “the Lauri Love case will have wide-reaching repercussions internationally” -Julian Assange #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome



6. plz stand up for a #FreeLauri and demand he be tried at home in the UK and not in the US #TrialAtHome


7.    Sept14 – Darker Side of Autism – Cybercrime Among Autistic People Under Study  #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome


8.    Court grants #FreeLauri an appeal against extradition stand up against this extradition & demand #TrialAtHome 


9.    chip in 4 a #FreeLauri help fight his extradition | | #TrialAtHome

10.    Extradition case against alleged ‘hacker’ #FreeLauri rumbles on as permission to appeal granted #TrialAtHome 

11.    Alleged hacker #FreeLauri prepares to appeal his extradition to the US as a November date is set #TrialAtHome

12.    10 Reasons why Lauri Love should not be extradited to the United States we demand a #TrialAtHome and a #FreeLauri 
13.    A documentary following the journey of Lauri Love. Wonderfully produced by LauriDanska & co! #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome

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14. don’t let the ever overreaching DOJ make an example out of Lauri Love who should get a #TrialAtHome #FreeLauri
15.    Alleged British hacker Lauri Love can appeal extradition to US, solicitors announce. #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome

16.    #FreeLauri ‘s extradition appeal is coming up soon now is the time to stand up and demand he gets a #TrialAtHome

17.    #FreeLauri appeal will be heard on November 28th and 29th stand with Lauri and against an extradition #TrialATHome 


18.    Lauri Love can appeal US extradition order, UK High Court rules appeal set for this month #TrialAtHome #FreeLauri

19.    dont let the continuously feigning Department of Justice crucify our geeks, stand up and speak out for a #FreeLauri & a #TrialAtHome


20.  dont let the injustice of the DOJ crucify our geeks, stand up and speak out for a #FreeLauri & a #TrialAtHome


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