July 20th 1993, a mans body is found in Fort Macy Park with a single gunshot wound to his head. 23 years later and it is still unclear who exactly pulled the trigger. Why does this matter? People die everyday right?

This man is different, different because his name is Vincent Foster and his official title was Deputy Whitehouse Counsel for the Clinton administration.

Multiple confirmed reports suggest that Hillary Clinton and Vincent Foster had an ongoing love affair. The FBI was later accused of hiding evidence by an independent investigator. The report states, “The publicly available federal government record upon which the Fiske Report is based is replete with evidence that the FBI concealed the true facts surrounding Mr. Foster’s death.                                    

                Foster’s Suicide Note

” I made mistakes from ignorance, inexperience and overwork I did not knowingly violate any law or standard of conduct no one in the Whitehouse to my knowledge violated any law or standard of conduct, including any action in the travel office.

There was no intent to benefit any individual or specific group

The F.B.I. lied in their report to the A.G.

The press is covering up the illegal benefits they received from the travel staff.

The G.O.P.  has lied and misrepresented its knowledge and role and covered up a prior investigation.

The Ushers Office plotted to have excessive cost incurred, taking advantage of Kaki and HRC.

The public will never believe the innocence of the Clinton’s and their loyal staff.

The WSJ editors lie without consequence I was not meant for the job or the spotlight of public life in Washington, here ruining people is considered sport”

Also under suspicion for espionage was the Presidents wife Hillary Clinton, who may have been providing Foster with sensitive binders from the super secret National Security Agency, Foster’s executive assistant testified he had received the binders” . (Senior Editor Forbes Magazine James Norman)

Assistant United States Attorney General Webster Hubbell, a close friend to Hillary Clinton and Vincent Foster said in the days  following Mr. Foster’s death

don’t believe a word you hear, it was not suicide. It couldn’t have been.” Webster was quoted saying this in Esquire Magazine in 1993 the same year as Mr. Fosters death before any conspiracy theories could began. Hillary provided sworn testimony to the special prosecutor about the death of a White House lawyer according to a New York Times article in 1994. Yet a report of the FBI interview of Tom Castleton contradicted Hillary Clinton’s testimony of when she last saw Vincent W. Foster. Deborah L. Gorham testified to the senate special committee that Vincent Foster had National Security Agency documents.

The CIA found names there that they identified as being Vincent Foster and Hillary Clinton they had put them under surveillance actually before they went to the White House. They have been surveying those (Swiss) bank accounts for a while and when Foster on July 1st bought a ticket to Geneva” (James Norman)NSA.Wash.Times.JPG

A handwritten note from the Office of Independent Counsel refers to Foster and the Swiss bank account as mentioned by James Norman. Foster cancelled a flight to Switzerland, with seats for two other people, just before his death according to an Office of Independent Counsel document. An Office of Independent Counsel note list the name of (Robert Maxwell) along with the initials WLH, VF and HRC. Webster Lee Hubbell is WLH, Vincent Foster is VF and Hillary Rodham Clinton is HRC. James Rutherford stated that “Hillary was in complete shock and disbelief at the thought of Vincent Foster committing suicide“. Hillary Clinton quickly abandoned this view and conceded with Kenneth Starr’s report that Vincent Foster killed himself. The Clinton administration repeatedly lied and intentionally misled the American people regarding the events surrounding the death of Vincent W. Foster. NewsMax a conservative news media organization founded by Chris Ruddy donated $1 million to the Clinton foundation. Chris Ruddy rose to fame writing about “Clinton Scandals” and casting suspicion on the “suicide” of Vincent W Foster.

Bill Clinton states the following in an unscheduled White House staff meeting the morning after Vincent Foster was found dead:

In the first place no one can know why this happen, even if you had a whole set of objective reasons , that wouldn’t be why it happens because you could get a different, bigger more burdensome set of reasons that are on someone else in this room. So what happen was a mystery about something inside of him…and I hope when we remember him and this we’ll be a little more anxious to talk to each other and a little less anxious to talk outside our family”

The following are quoted from what has become to be known as the final 20 pages:

Dear Sirs:

Pursuant to 28 U.S.C., Patrick Knowlton respectfully request that this letter be appended to Mr. Starr’s Report on the death of Vincent Foster Jr, to assure that the report is full and complete and to afford (him) a measure of fairness.”

Facts.  While heading home in heavy traffic on the George Washington Parkway, and facing a two-hour commute,  Patrick Knowlton pulled into Fort Macy Park at 4:30 p.m. on July 20th, 1993, to relieve himself. Patrick parked close to the main footpath entrance into the park, between the only two cars in the small parking lot, which were parked just four spaces apart.

To Patrick’s left was parked an unoccupied mid-1980s rust-brown four-door Honda sedan with Arkansas tags (closest to the footpath entrance) , and on his right was a late-model metallic blue-gray sedan, backed into its parking space. A man was seated in the driver’s seat of the blue-gay sedan. Immediately after Patrick parked , the man lowered the passenger side electric window and stared at him, menacingly. This unnerved Patrick as he exited his car.

As he started from his car toward the footpath, Patrick heard the blue-gray sedan’s door open. Apprehensive, Patrick walked to the sign bordering the footpath entrance to the park feigned to read the historical information while nonchalantly glancing to his right to see if the man was approaching. He saw the man leaning on the roof of the driver’s side of his blue-gray sedan, watching him intently. Patrick then cautiously proceed 75 feet down the footpath’s left fork to the first large tree, in the opposite direction from which Mr. Foster’s body was later recovered.

As he relieved himself , Patrick heard the man close his car door. Because the foliage was dense, he couldn’t see  the parking lot and hoped the man wasn’t approaching. As Patrick walked back to the parking lot with a heightened sense of awareness, he scanned the lot but did not see the man. Patrick surmised that the man had either gotten back in his car or perhaps could even be crouching between the brown Honda and Patrick’s car preparing to attack him.

In order to maintain his distance from the space between the two cars until he learned the man’s whereabouts, Patrick walked directly toward the driver’s side door of the brown Honda, and then around the back of it. As Patrick reached the driver’s side door of the brown Honda, he looked through the window. He also looked into the back seat as he walked the length of the car. He saw a dark-colored suit jacket draped over the driver’s seat, a briefcase on the front passenger’s seat, and two bottles of wine cooler on the back seat. As he reached the back of the Honda, Patrick was relieved to see that the man had returned to his own vehicle. The man was still staring fixedly at him.

of the five things witnessed at the park (1) the man and his car, (2) the suit jacket, (3) the briefcase, (4) the wine coolers and (5) the mid-1980s Arkansas brown Honda) the Honda itself is the most relevant. It was not Mr. Foster’s car. When Mr. Foster’s body was discovered approximately 70 minutes after Patrick had left the park, Mr. Foster had been dead for well over 70 minutes. Mr. Foster therefore could not have driven to the park in his Honda, as claimed in the government Reports on the death.

The following evening, Patrick saw on the news for the first time that Vincent Foster had been found dead at Fort Macy Park, so he telephoned U.S. Park Police and reported what he had seen. Nine months later, FBI Special Agent Larry Monroe interviewed him. Monroe subsequently wrote in his reports of those interviews that Patrick “Identified this particular vehicle (Honda) as a 1988-1990…,” and that Patrick “reiterated his description of this Honda as a 1988-1990.” This information was false and known to be false.

Eighteen months later, in October of 1995, Patrick was provided a copy of his then publicly available FBI interview reports by a reporter for a London newspaper. He realized for the first time that Monroe has falsified his account of the car and other fact he had recounted during his FBI interviews. His true account, along with the contradictory information from his FBI interview reports, was reported in the London newspaper on Sunday, October  22, 1995.


 Thomas Drake, NSA whistle-blower ten years before Edward Snowden stole any files or spoke out about the United States government surveillance program which in all actuality is what really pissed the federal government off. Not the fact that Edward Snowden and the files he stole were of a threat to the national security of our nation but because he spoke out about the Orwellian type system that is totalitarianism at its finest. Mr. Drake is a saint in disguise, that literally put the American people into loops the federal government didn’t want us to get a whiff of never mind having public knowledge of the surveillance programs, this man faced down decades in federal prison and the full wrath of the federal government just to tell you that as an American citizen the United States Government was spying on you.  Thomas Drake said the following in a 2012 documentary titled (Hacker Wars):

” I was not going to sit still and remain silent because if I had remained silent then I myself would have been complicit in the conduct of a crime against a sovereignty, against who we are as people, that’s we the people, capital W, capital P, we the people”

I scoured over every publicly available document surrounding the death Vincent Foster this blog is to present to whom ever may care what I found in researching the death of White House Counsel Vincent Foster on July 20th, 1993 in Fort Macy Park, Virginia. It is my belief that Vincent W. Foster was murdered that afternoon in a brazen broad daylight murder that could only be pulled off and executed by a trained professional. Why? because he either was threatening to release information that would incriminate both Hillary and Bill Clinton or the National Security Agency. Why would Chris Ruddy A member of NewsMax a conservative right-wing media outlet donate $1 million to Clinton Foundation then go on to conceivably blast the Clinton’s for years to come. This was at its heart a classic Olivia Pope type moment where the Clinton administration, The FBI and the American Press spun every little tale or article surrounding the death of Vincent Foster except for any report that actually bore the truth regarding the events surrounding the murder of Vincent W.Foster.

This blog and any information thereof was gathered and submitted by the members of WEDA a free speech coalition of truth seekers and political activist whos soul mission is to expose the institutions that take advantage of the less fortunate or a purposely misinformed American public and republics abroad in which their free speech is being suppressed.

“There comes a point in time where we have to ask ourselves is it the threat of “terrorism” the most common word uttered since September 11th.. is it this threat of being attacked the very reason our emails are hacked or Google watches every keystroke praying on our every word like a Carney at a fair playing every person with wallet or a scalper outside a studium scamming people one person after another for their money. At what cost to our right to privacy or free speech both the 1st and 5th amendments to the United States Constitution, do we sacrifice these rights base on the illusion that our national security is at risk.”  (Ibfehtkcuf) Political Activist from the East coast of the United States and founder of The WEDA Coalition was quoted saying this just before he jumped up on a car barrier at a Bernie Sanders event at the University of Amherst Fine Arts Center ( visit for more information on this movement) and begain screaming Palistine!…..Palistine! at the top of his lungs and running off before police could get through the crowd, fleeing the scene on a bus his “political statement” as the local press dubbed it was made.


(Bernie Sanders event in which “Ibfehtkcuf” screamed Palestine)

it’s rumored he campaigns or has campaigned for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and Maryland. Regardless of Ibfehtkcuf’s political views his intention that day was not to make a political statement per his own admission “My intention that day wasn’t to scare anyone in fact I’m deeply sorry if I did frighten anyone.” I then asked so what was the point then? In which he responded “The point? I was fuckin’ bored and bored people tend to exude free speech, was is it bloody bonkers? Fucking A it was but I got away with it, exactly what “it” is I don’t know…what I am sure of though is that exuding free speech should in essence never be considered a political statement because it is ones constitutional right and once our rights are misconstrued as political movements or statements when exuding a right that is given to you at birth,  then we ourselves as a sovereignty and society as a whole have lost said right and thus are at war to once again ascertain and therefore are able to exude freely said right so, to answer your question the point to my run-by yelling spree was simply to execute my first amendment right to free speech”

Ibfehtkcuf said this in an interview for this blog under the condition that it would only be released on a certain date, he was out on bail 2 years after he was first sentenced after crowd sourcing efforts gathered enough money to post his bail.
 He never explained why it was important to him that this quote not be released until then but he was adamant to the degree of writing up a contract that I later signed only because this blog wasn’t scheduled to be released until June 11th 2016, just after I signed it he ripped into tiny pieces and threw it in the toilet flushing the document saying to himself while taking a long drag from a Marlborough Red “I can’t believe he fuckin signed it” He walked out the bathroom of his small studio apartment across from a Hooters and asked if I would join his team but before I could answer he unleashed a uninterupted a two-hour tirade on free speech or Americas lack thereof, it was on this day that I became the 10th member of The WEDA Coalition and the only member to out himself and put my real name on a blog.serveimage

I asked theriverkid in an interview at his home deep in the woods of Massachusetts, are you crazy? “Maybe I am out my fuckin’ tree or absolutely bat-shit crazy but I hope you’ll love every branch and every letter of true shit I type. To whomever it may concern The WEDA Coalition hereby release into the depths of the imagination of a so called free society these documents and if you don’t like them, then fuck whomever you may be and the bloody hole you breached. Everyone has a few screws lose and once in a while one might wiggle loose and fall out lets just hope I don’t have a fucking keyboard when one drops.” (theriverkid) Co-Founder of The WEDA Coalition said   this after serving 5 years and 7 months in prison(2 years, 7 months and 11 days in solitary confinement) , his crime was obtaining and later posting  public documents that were never made public in which it was clear attorney General of Massachusetts was hiding the fact that GDF Suez poisoned the residents of Holyoke Massachusetts, a ghetto with a mostly Puerto Rican population, with over 200 police raids this month, its very clear why Joziah “theriverkid” wage his fight, he felt his people struggle. His family owning a house for years next to the coal plant owned and operated by GDF Suez known as The Mt Tom.Coal Plant which is now shutdown.He felt his own struggles as well, his sister home was raided by FBI and local police hammering her with twelve charges, (theriverkid refused to give anymore information on this)  he only said “she’s home not in some fuckin hole, FBI raided her why? Because of her sneaking the files (Barrett Brown Files) to me in prison…everything else that was found was a bonus to the feds, not the objective, the objective was my laptop…mother-fuckers are still lookin.” His first blog which has been wiped from the internet accused the Attorney General of ignoring the asthma crisis in Holyoke which is twice as high as any other city or town in Massachusetts and ignoring the issue simply because those who were being effected were of color. He is in fact not crazy unless you call him a hacker then he gets a little crazy he’ll quickly remind you that he is a researcher nothing more nothing less. Theriverkid may be one of the smartest men I have ever met, his vast knowledge of world events is like nothing I’ve experienced before and his voice has been silence for far to long. The words in blue were the very words TheRiverKid posted at the end of his blog slamming former Attorney General of Massachusetts Martha Coakley only able to be quoted because he memorized it.

By @NanoTube33


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