So Only Europeans Are Worth saving???

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has exposed the racism, bigotry and prejudice of the West once again big time , one cannot ignore the language and words used , when the children and women of East are killed by western created and funded wars and bombs, the victims are labelled "terrorists",  those who survive … Continue reading So Only Europeans Are Worth saving???

What Do Yemenis Want ?…..

I have been communicating with my Yemeni friends since the beginning of the crisis in Yemen ,as it is important to know the opinion of the people of the land , you cannot claim to be an expert without talking to the people of the land and as far as the media is concerned,  as … Continue reading What Do Yemenis Want ?…..

Protect your Emotional Virginity

We all know how many frogs and toads we might have to kiss before finding the Prince charming,  that might help us to perfect our kissing skills , but ruin our ability to connect with humans , trust them completely,  the ghosts of the past keeps popping up ... some needs serious therapies to cope … Continue reading Protect your Emotional Virginity

From Yemen To Ukraine Its The Cries Of Innocents

The first victim of war is always women and children , you can  see that proven in the history, in every century and era, infact if the women and children are not safe in any society that's the beginning of the crisis.In the present times It's the men in suits who plan and carry out … Continue reading From Yemen To Ukraine Its The Cries Of Innocents

Crocodile Tears Of The West For Ukraine

When you read  "British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he wanted people to understand the sheer cost in human life that an incursion into Ukraine would bring, with casualties on both sides."And if you have any idea about UKs war crimes in the on going war on Yemen,  you'll be utterly disgusted by the sheer … Continue reading Crocodile Tears Of The West For Ukraine

Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Marrige is a huge decession , no matter from which culture, country , from any it chick club or frat boys clan you've been a part of, weddings ,and the sacredness of this relationship is undeniably enormous in every part of the world ,in every century, those from the East place it on top shelf … Continue reading Mi Casa Es Tu Casa

Calm The Storm Of Fears

Fears are real thing, few years ago I was asked by my professor to write about "micro fears" and their impact on us ,at that time I must admit I was too naive to realize how micro fears as tiny as they are have the power and impact like mountains to paralyze human being, there … Continue reading Calm The Storm Of Fears

Just Keep Breathing

Anxiety is something so difficult to identify in the beginning that it confuses you even more ,not knowing the root cause, not being able to identifywhy you are having difficulty in breathing ? why you cannot eat anything? why you feel like that you're not even hungry, you have lost your appetite completely. You try … Continue reading Just Keep Breathing

The Palestinian Holocaust

Begin reading this on your own discretion !And Kindly keep the labels of "antisemitism " in your pockets or wherever you want to put them , because the Semites absolutely well how to respond to that .... According to definition,  The word "Holocaust" means destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially by fire or … Continue reading The Palestinian Holocaust

Change The Way They Look At You

Life is always developing,  growing and evolving,  from human bodies to their internal growth it's a journey,  where almost nothing is static , when we are little we might have held a certain toy tigher to ourselves,  after few years we completely ignore it like it was worthless , or during our teens the activities … Continue reading Change The Way They Look At You