I have been communicating with my Yemeni friends since the beginning of the crisis in Yemen ,as it is important to know the opinion of the people of the land , you cannot claim to be an expert without talking to the people of the land and as far as the media is concerned,  as biased these media moguls are one can never trust if they shows you the true picture or fabricated stories that helps them generate the revenue, especially the Western media one can never rely on them ,and rest of the media is divided if we listen to the Eastern world about the Yemen conflict .So let’s begin with asking, who is behind the war in Yemen? when you ask this question to the Yemenis , Is this Sauids , Emeraties or the Houthis?  What do they think ? Furthermore, when you ask is this the Saudis and UAE fighting against each other on the Yemenis soil for the resources and Power?

The response is , their strategic planning is to block the formation of a strong Sovereign government in Yemen, both KSA and UAE wants to keep their interest in Yemen, tactically both are backing local and state factions to keep the fight between the factions ,KSA and UAE may strike a yemeni faction that is backed by either, but what’s important is that the victims and destruction is of Yemen and the Yemenis , their strategy is to keep the fight inside Yemen only ,they can do anything to avoid this bloodshed transfer to KSA and UAE borders, they want to keep their own homes safe .

Just like that ,when asked to the people of Yemen ,how are people surviving this merciless war ?Going to work if there’s any work left ,what about the families and children?

The response was unexpectedly shocking ,full of faith and patience quoting a friend here “if the probabilities of living in Yemen are calculated in terms of numbers and logic, life becomes IMPOSSIBLE, but Allah is there,we rely on Allah and cooperate together and Life Goes On”…

When in September 2020 ,The Houthis closed the Sanaa Airport to United Nation flights, when asked the opinion of Yemenis about this, their response was something  like, Sanaa airport has been closed for the Yemeni people since the beginning of the war,only the United Nations and international organizations were using the airport , and added “let the United Nation organization come to Yemen via the same roads that’s Yemenis use, Let Them Suffer as we suffer and exposed to same dangers as we are while traveling in Yemen, they must try to travel by car for 24 hours to reach Sanaa,  then they will learn that the continued closure of Sanaa airport is a crime and must be opened to everyone… Furthermore,if the yemenis want to travel abroad for any reason they have to travel from Aden Airport ,which means the Southern traditional Council militia can kidnap anyone they want ,and then one might end up in UAE secret prisons where they can kill anyone they want to , without being had held accountable for their actions.
Or the second route is Sayoun Airport and that means that ending up in the hands of Islah party and the Saudi Coalition mercenaries, this is what happens to people who want to travel ,while is Sanaa airport receives daily flight for the United Nations the Red Cross and other organizations”

This answer naturally led to the next question, by asking them if the United Nations Red Cross and other organizations are traveling to Yemen, it means that they have been sending Aid to Yemen, as they claim to be doing it ,Their response was and still is absolutely dignified as one can expect from the dignified people of Yemen,
“We do not need and we do not want aid from Saudis, UK ,USA or these organizations ,the best thing these organizations can do is to ask Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA and UK to stop interfering in Yemens Internal affairs and end the war ,we can take care of ourselves ,we can take care of our families, we have been doing this from years, we do not need this charity, ending this war , siege and starvation is all we ask for …

Any sensible human can draw the conclusions without much struggle that all people of Yemen want is to end the interference in their international matters,  leave Yemen to the Yemenis to decide their future and peace .

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