Infusion Of Delusion

There comes a time where you have to pause and ask, why does this somewhat interesting story about prostitutes peeing on a bed in Moscow have our entire media establishment talking about it? And not only that, but the majority of American's also believe Russia hacked our election, colluded with Trump resulting in Hillary Clinton … Continue reading Infusion Of Delusion

Join the #Pursuance Fundraising Twitter Storm — Details here! Sat 3PM EDT July 14, 2018 All funds must be raised by 3 PM on July 15 We’re close to our 48K goal but we need your help to get it there. Pursuance Web site: Pursuance Blog: Pursuance YouTube: Pursuance Kickstarter Live (Interviews): Become a Pursuance Backer on … Continue reading Join the #Pursuance Fundraising Twitter Storm — Details here!

The Facebook Files

  <0><0> Intro <0><0> People who know me personally know I never made a Facebook, not only did I think it was a monetarist sinkhole of mind-numbing materialism culminating in a euphoric black hole of manufactured addiction with a side effect of being lost in an abyss of nothingness, but in 2005 I became aware … Continue reading The Facebook Files