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There comes a time where you have to pause and ask, why does this somewhat interesting story about prostitutes peeing on a bed in Moscow have our entire media establishment talking about it? And not only that, but the majority of American’s also believe Russia hacked our election, colluded with Trump resulting in Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election.

I am a registered Independent and a member of the United Independent Party. Even before I turned 18, I involved myself in political campaigns and then as I got older I became disgusted with the process, a process in which the needs of the people are never met, nor is there any aspiration to meet our needs. To our elected officials we are a statistic, a politician is far more likely to know what income bracket you fall in rather than your name. This is because your donation to their campaign is far more important than your name.

The media is no different, they myopically yet consciously coerce the masses into thinking war is okay. They report solemnly on the death of one of our servicemen whilst taking money from the military industrial complex which perpetuates more wars that only kill more soldiers. One thing that people seem to be absentminded about is that we assume the media is lying to us about some things and telling the truth about other things and not that they are lying to us about everything.

Both politically and personally I cannot stand Donald Trump, but that doesn’t mean he colluded with Russia. I disagree with Trump in his closeness to Suadi Arabia and Israel. The polarization of our civility which has laid the soil for everso fomenting hatred, racism and somehow manufactured McCarthyism seems to be the by-product. I loathe what we have allowed one man to do to this country, there are very important issues we could be talking about instead we chose to talk about Trump.

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Racism in America is as obvious as it grotesque and whenever an issue of racism occurs, it only takes a few minutes for legacy media to blame Trump for the racist incident. This is a prime example of “controlled opposition” instead of tackling the issue of racism we all get mad at Trump and rightfully so, but what progress is made from being mad at Trump? We could be talking about why Black and Spanish kids get disciplined twice as harshly in our education system for the same offenses that their white classmate commits or why Flint still doesn’t have clean water.

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We could be addressing all of these issues if we weren’t so distracted and it is my opinion that this distraction we call our president is just that, a distraction. I.F Stone was an amazing truthteller and we should all have learned valuable lessons from him. Lessons such as when the entire gene cesspool of legacy media is fawning over one story or one narrative, there is something of greater importance the-powers-that-be would like to take our attention off of.

So why have so many blindly become brainwashed with this Trump-Russia narrative? The easy answer to this is pure Operation-Mockingbird-like tactics resulting in reverberations of echo chambers deluding once respected cognitive, journalistic minds and poisoning the population with disinformation. The harder more complicated answer is that the powers that be wanted Donald Trump in power and if there are puppeteers behind the scenes that have allowed this, we have to ask ourselves why?

Stop it…Stop president Trump watching and focus on our deteriorating surroundings. Big oil and weapons manufacturers have been quietly cashing in as we have pow wows about Trump’s sex life. Trump laundered money to both the Saudis and the Israelis as the President-Elect, yet, we fawn over pointless issues fox-trotting through the padded walls of our own echo chambers as race, religion and cultural fire-coals are thought manufactured into our moldable minds.

The truth is if there was one iota of evidence that Trump worked with the Russians then you can guarantee that articles of impeachment would be brought by democratic leaders against him. The very fact that this has not happened should prove to people who aren’t already convinced that Trump did not work with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

Talking about Russia constantly in our 24-hour news cycle, repeatedly rehashing past events with no actual news being given to you as you are watching the news, should also alarm you. Is it new when you have heard it 20 times that day? To answer that question it’s far from new, it is a deliberate effort to undermine the thought process in America and around the world.

Issues around the world have not suddenly stopped because Trump became president so thought I’d remind my fellow Americans of what some of these issues are. In Yemen, we are supplying Saudi Arabia with bombs and logistics to commit massive war crimes on civilian populations. In Syria, we have participated in forcing over 7 million to leave their homes and then the U.S. and Europe complain about having to take in refugees from the very countries we are perpetuating war in. Over 1000 were killed in a protest in Gaza as Israel consciously pulled innocent bystanders protesting into their crosshairs and gunned them down.

Domestically here in America, there are countless important issues we could be talking about like what has happened recently in places like Mesa, Arizona when five police officers brutally beat a black man unconscious and continued to pummel him even after he was knocked unconscious. This story got minimal coverage compared to Trump-Russia as did another video that came out the same week of two officers torturing a 15-year-old boy for over 45 minutes and it’s all caught on video, can we please talk about those tapes?


By Joziah Thayer – Twitter @dapeaple

One thought on “Infusion Of Delusion

  1. Well spoken, Joziah. Everything you say has the clear ring of truth. Why do we, as a population, continue to fall for the charade? I think for two reasons: first, to admit that our narrative is built on lies, constructed by liars, is hugely upsetting to our psyches; our children are conditioned to obey authority and to conform and, believe it or not, not that much changes in terms of belief structure when those children become adults. Second, it’s easier to use a scapegoat such as Trump, Putin, etc., than to challenge that edifice and ask ourselves how we might have contributed to the world being a shitty place. Anytime an authentic and self constructed person challenges those views, it results in defensiveness and hostility. (Anti-) social media makes it much worse because the exchanges aren’t mitigated by face to face communication; most of the exchanges that I’ve been party to simply wouldn’t take place in person because the distance induced by remoteness suspends innate human decency. It’s like being in a car and flipping off another driver; the protection afforded by the vehicle is similar to the protection afforded by anonymity. You would be far less likely to be so aggressive if someone offended you on the sidewalk. I think all we can do is to continue to assert our truth in a calm, reassuring manner, while calling out aggressive and rude behavior.

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