AI as a decision maker – EU CSA legislation in process

“AI driven society is one without emotional intelligence.AI lacks of humanity and ability to feel or think compassionately.AI shares only one common element with humans, it’s ERROR prone, the difference is, AI lacks capability to correct its own errors.This is not the world we want to live in or leave it to future generations.Resist AI … Continue reading AI as a decision maker – EU CSA legislation in process

Racism Cutting Our Roots

The Muslims themselves are the worst enemies of Islam,  we don't need anyone else to take us down, we are enough for this task ..Pardon my anger drenched in sarcasm but you'll understand the reason soon !! One of my Turk colleague gave me a book " British against Islam"  and asked me to read … Continue reading Racism Cutting Our Roots

The Facebook Files

  <0><0> Intro <0><0> People who know me personally know I never made a Facebook, not only did I think it was a monetarist sinkhole of mind-numbing materialism culminating in a euphoric black hole of manufactured addiction with a side effect of being lost in an abyss of nothingness, but in 2005 I became aware … Continue reading The Facebook Files

Our Orwellian State: Gov Contractors Chapter 2

This report will consist of publicly available information and information gathered with Freedom of Information Act request, it will be chronologically structured and is not intended to change your opinion of our country, but only seeks to remind you of the constitutional foundations in which this country was ordained. This is Orwellianism...welcome!    1960-2001   … Continue reading Our Orwellian State: Gov Contractors Chapter 2

The Common Era Manifesto

I once wanted to work for what we call today Mainstream Media until I realized that the people we see on television, read in newspapers or magazines aren't even real journalist, they are more like Hollywood actors or actresses just playing a role that they are directed to play. Who is directing them you might … Continue reading The Common Era Manifesto

DIA Planning “Hackback” Approach

Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart of the Defense Intelligence Agency laid out his plan for the United States Government to hack back attackers that hack the government. The DIA's plan is to capture the code or malware being used to attack them and reengineer it to then be used to attacker the hacker back. There are … Continue reading DIA Planning “Hackback” Approach

#StandUp4NN #NetNeutrality

Hey, we wanted to update you on the push to defend net neutrality. While the FCC is rushing to dismantle the strong net neutrality protections that many of us fought for, members of Congress who take big money from companies like Comcast and Verizon are now trying to strike a backroom deal to pass legislation … Continue reading #StandUp4NN #NetNeutrality

The Future of Search Engines

Researchers combine artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and supercomputers to develop better, and more reasoned, information extraction and classification methods. Date: August 3, 2017Source: University of Texas at Austin, Texas Advanced Computing CenterSummary: New efforts to combine artificial intelligence with crowdsourced annotators and information encoded in domain-specific resources have now been revealed by researchers. The work has the potential to … Continue reading The Future of Search Engines

Los Archivos de Matt DeHart

En setiembre del 2009 Matt DeHart estaba operando un servidor 'dead drop' llamado “The Shell”, es en éste servidor 'dead drop' que recibió una carpeta conteniendo cientos de archivos confidenciales que involucraban una investigación que el FBI condujo contra la CIA en la cual supuestamente la CIA estaba detrás de los ataques de anthrax que … Continue reading Los Archivos de Matt DeHart