The Muslims themselves are the worst enemies of Islam,  we don’t need anyone else to take us down, we are enough for this task ..
Pardon my anger drenched in sarcasm but you’ll understand the reason soon !!

One of my Turk colleague gave me a book ” British against Islam”  and asked me to read it , in order to prove her point while having a discussion, that the west is is plotting againt Islam…  Ofcourse  that’s an undeniable truth, the west is against Islam,  infact they’re against the idea of religion, from past couple of decades they’ve started world wide hatred campaigns against this faith and its  followers openly .
Yesterday I watched news about Dalia Ahmad , a newscaster in Lebenon of Saudnese origin ,she was attacked by racist trolls on social media,  after voicing her criticism about a political party and its members in Lebenon,  in a short clip she was confidently reminding people that she’s comfortable with colour of her skin , “do you have problem with my skin colour? Well this is God’s creation, so now you’ve a problem with God ? its now between you and him” furthermore she added ” challenge me with ethics, argument and reasoning not with my skin color” … I would like to make one thing absolutely clear,  I have no concern with her political opinions,  her journalistic credentials or else,  the topic here is Racism ,  couldn’t agree less with Dalia about pointing out to those who showed their disliking about her opinions by denigrating her skin colour,  when you have million of other ways to criticise her . Unfortunately , that’s not an individual case , there are plenty,  our societies and cultures are filled with this attitude.

In the Muslim world we have our heads in the sand when it comes to responding to the issue of Racism,like it never exists or this ” yea ,so what attitude ” , from our homes to streets to our workplaces  ,degrading others for their skin colour is a reality,  when the teachings of Islam strictly asks us to free ourselves from the superiority complexes & racism , based on material wealth, ethnicity ,race or colour of the skin .The Propeht of Islam left the Muslims with these absolute in words in his last sermon  “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a White has no superiority over a Black nor a Black has any superiority over a White except by piety and good action”

But these claiming to be custodian of Islam, Are they following these teachings ? We are not Not only putting it behind but spreading it. Let me be straightforward, the muslim world don’t need an external enemy,  because we are enough for that .In Muslim countries,  people with dark skin are struggling in every sphere of life  , not only they’re called with disrespectful names in the streets, a girl or a boy with dark skin has hard time finding love or getting married . Countries where majority is of fair skin , they get uncomfortable around dark skin muslims,  how shameful is that practice. We completely forget that among the men of Jannah ( heaven) is Bilal R.a  ,who was honored to stand on the roof of Kaba and give azan ( call for prayer ) , and he was as dark as the black stone in the Holy Kaba , but his love for his Creator and the Prophet PBUH , raised his rank to be amongst the people of heaven .

This disgusting culture desperately needs to be changed , if we want to raise ourselves as muslims  , by practicing  the teachings of Islam ,living our faith in reality,  otherwise shame and defeat is our destination in this world .

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