How would you respond to someone or feel if someone forces their decisions and choices on you ? Regardless of you screaming that you are not interested,  you do not want or need that , ignoring the wailing they keep pushing it ….
Imagine that for a minute  ,how suffocated , enraged , indignant you’ll feel, now put your feets in the shoes of the people of East , from Afghanistan to Yemen,  Syria , Iraq,  Libya, Pakistan or Somalia, the people of these lands did not asked to be bombed  , invaded,  and their lives dragged to stone age , the West FORCED their version of what they claimed to be democracy on the countries who begged they do not want it .

Here’s an another example,  have you seen those toddlers who fuss about playing with a toy they have set their baby minds on ,they amuse themselves with it for a while and after leaving a wreck in their wake , they just move on to the next excursion happily, and mommy has to clean up,  that’s how western governments are like , for them it’s a amusement,  like General Weasly Clark exposed this plan “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years.’ And he named them, “starting with Iraq and Syria and ending with Iran.” Like it’s a video game or a movie , not real human beings,  even animals on these lands have been begging for peace , only if you read the situation in Yemen ,where not just humans but animals are starving due to this merciless war and seige causing famine.

A piece of advice for the western leaders, practice what you preach ,begin with your ownself, instead of sending this present of democracy and profane version of free speech to the Eastern planets ,work to have more democracy and freedom on your own lands, where they are stifling every sign of free speech ,everybody knows the double standards of the West, you’re allowed to insult a religion, colour of someones skin ,  pretend that you are a revolutionist by degrading anyone who’s not one of you , however dare to  criticise the crimes of your governments , they won’t pay attention at all , above that all the war mongers like Tony Blair,  Clintons , Bush and  co etc are walking free, writing books,  traveling in the world, bragging about their cunning policies,on the other hand those who used their right of free speech , in the illusion  that they have that right to speak the truth are thrown behind the bars, while reading this Julain Assange might have popped up in the minds of many , who is currently locked up in Belmarsh maximum security prison ,since 2019 ,like he’s some terrorist. Another name Edward Snowden,  living in exile , because he is aware he’ll never be free again if he chooses to returns home .You have no right to criticize any real policy ,divide and Rule has always been the tactic of these politicians ,anytime they want to start an illegal War,  or activity they’ll create a policy that will begin with dividing the people ,as they’re aware sheeps are always amused by the distractions, split and conquer , God knows for how long it’ll continue , one thing is clear , as long as sheeps will not wake up from the slumber

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