In 2010 , during my social media networking class,my professor said that a time will come when the world will be completely depending on the internet, people will stop leaving their homes ,everything , from work to shopping ,meeting with friends and relatives , doctors checking patients , students will be taking lessons at home … at that time it sounded outlandish more like  a conspiracy….But unfortunately we are living this today.

Since the end of 2019 , after this coronavirus pandemic or plan-demic started,
we are truly living our life wholy through Internet, it’s been a couple of years for many people without meeting their families ,they are only looking at each other via  Skype or Whatsapp calls , despite living in the same city  ,there are those who have never left their house, they choose to hide in their homes,  food ,clothes,  medicines are delivered and left outside on the doorsteps ,and they just open the door , pick it up and go back inside …Reminds me of this movie Nims Island , where Jodie Foster played the character Alexandera Rover ,a writer with germophobia,  she never leaves her house,  and when anything she needs is left at her door she peeks first , picks it up from the distance and wash it  , many of us are living exactly like that character still ,despite the lockdown situation ended for now in many countries.

This unseen pandemic has turned the world upside down indeed , there are entrepreneurs,  increasingly eager to motivate others to set up online businesses ,adds on social media like ” this pandemic is the perfect timing to start your own business ” ,there are life coaches , teaching people with opening lines like ,so you’re at home and what’s more perfect than working from wherever you want .
This work from the sofa is gradually sweeping into our ways of life and we are accepting it ,getting used to it ,there is no Denial in that reality ,infact a huge number of people who used to commute to work everyday ,facing the traffic whilst using the public transportation or their own , sometimes running for work without breakfast, getting ready to look sharp, spending money on clothes and everything,and after reaching at work facing their colleagues and their bosses everyday the stress of it , now they can handle everything via a Skype call within few hours ,while sitting in the comfort of their house in their pajamas ,
they don’t have tolerate the companies policies or politics anymore, in a strange way this is quite liberating. Many people wished to never go back to what we call a normal life , this break gave time to alot of people to figure out the root cause of their daily dose of depression and stress from their work places and hectic life .

But at the same time this an imposed  imprisonment because once you lift yourself from the sofa you finish your work, human beings are designed to be a social animal we cannot live much longer without the human communication interaction eventually we want to leave the house, atleast at some point….

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