Twitterstorm for support of the National Prison Strike! Plz join us this hour of 1-2PM EST. Use #SupportNationalPrisonStrike in your original tweets thank you!

Carolina is throwing strikers into isolation in multiple facilities. Defend the strikers, get your crew hyped and make some calls this Tuesday! p.s. It’s gonna be a busy week. You just watch. #prisonstrike #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

End legal slavery and civil death laws! #SupportNationalPrisonStrike #prisonstrike

We are demanding humane living conditions, access to rehabilitation, sentencing reform and the end of modern day slavery. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike #prisonstrike

Join our Twitterstorm now for support of the National Prison Strike. Use original tweets with #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Here are active phone zaps to call. Email IWW_IWOC and let them know you called. You can also organize a phone cluster to get more people involved. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

The following prisoners are facing repression because of alleged participation in or planning for the 2018 nationwide prisoner strike. Please send them letters of love and support. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

From Wrongful Convictions, Exceedingly Excessive and Mandatory LWOP sentences, Alabama prisons are literally Warehouses of Men stacked on top of one another #prisonstrike #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Read the original press release by Jailhouse Lawyers Speak: #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

These are the NATIONAL DEMANDS of the men and women in federal, immigration, and state prisons: #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 1: 1. Immediate improvements to the conditions of prisons and prison policies that recognize the humanity of imprisoned men and women. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 2: An immediate end to prison slavery. All persons imprisoned in any place of detention under United States jurisdiction must be paid the prevailing wage in their state or territory for their labor. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 3: The Prison Litigation Reform Act must be rescinded, allowing imprisoned humans a proper channel to address grievances and violations of their rights. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 4: The Truth in Sentencing Act&Sentencing Reform Act must be rescinded so that imprisoned humans have a possibility of rehabilitation &parole.No human shall be sentenced to Death by Incarceration or serve any sentence w/o possibility of parole. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 5:An immediate end to the racial overcharging,over-sentencing&parole denials of Black and brown humans. Black humans shall no longer be denied parole because the victim of the crime was white,which is a particular problem in southern states. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

 Demand 6: An immediate end to racist gang enhancement laws targeting Black and brown humans. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 7: No imprisoned human shall be denied access to rehabilitation programs at their place of detention because of their label as a violent offender. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 8:  State prisons must be funded specifically to offer more rehabilitation services. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 9: Pell grants must be reinstated in all US states and territories. #SupportNationalPrisonStrike

Demand 10: The voting rights of all confined citizens serving prison sentences, pretrial detainees, and so-called “ex-felons” must be counted. Representation is demanded. All voices count! #SupportNationalPrisonStrike #prisonstrike


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