The Democratic National Committee recently passed a rule that would prevent superdelegates from casting votes in the first round of voting. The DNC claims they are trying to provide voters a “transparent” election process.

Transparency in our election process would include the DNC informing the public of a rule passed by the DNC in secret, this rule states among other things that a Democratic candidate must “affirmatively demonstrate that their faithful to the interests, welfare, and success of the Democratic Party of the United States.”

This rule change seems reasonable, but what the DNC fails to tell the public is that the DNC has full discretion to determine what their definition of “faithful” is. The public consensus on this new rule change is that it was a rule passed solely to prevent Bernie Sanders or a candidate like him from getting the Democratic nomination in the future.

Jeff Weaver, who was the campaign manager for Bernie Sanders in 2016, doesn’t agree with the public consensus that this rule passed by the DNC to prevent Bernie Sanders from running again. Weaver stated that this rule would not effect Senator Bernie Sanders because Sanders easily falls within the guidelines of the rule.

The Democratic Party simply can’t afford to lose the support of Sanders voters nor would they risk infuriating millions of Progressive voters again. Another fact that needs to be underlined is that the Democratic National Committee passed this rule in a unanimous vote which means that even progressive Bernie supporters voted for this rule. I make that assertion based on the fact that the committee was designed by Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton after the 2016 Primaries.

We are consistently told throughout our collective lives that there are only two political parties in America and to suggest anything else makes you a treasonous traitor to this Constitutional Republic we call a representative democracy. This mentality in America that there can only be two political parties hinders the diversification of free thought and the fermentation of new ideas or solutions to long-standing issues.

Which is why these new rules passed by the Democratic National Committee prove that the Democratic party is not willing to change or be transparent in any way. Donna Brazile quickly reminded the masses of that when she tweeted that big donors and superdelegates will still have a seat at the proverbial table. This is nothing more than feigned transparency and change in a good old fashion political bait-and-switch.

The only way to get Medicare for all, a geographically appropriated minimum wage in line with the cost of living in each state or reform the systematic racism in our justice system from the courts to police officers, we are going to need leaders that actually stand up for the people, leaders that don’t feign support for progressive ideas only to cast them aside once elected solely to suit the big donors that got them elected.

That is why We the People, as the voting public need to refrain from voting for any candidates who take corporate money. It is important to realize that when you vote for a candidate that is backed by a certain political action committee, then you as a voter are voting for that political action committee and not the candidate you support.

For these reasons, it is my firm belief that now more than ever we need a People’s Party. I’m am sick and tired of being sick and tired of breaking my back for political candidates who go on to be force fed into obscurity by D.C. lobbyist. We cannot be complacent beings sitting around waiting to be rescued from our current realm of dysphoria, we cannot just demand change we must go out and create change.

Written by Joziah Thayer – Twitter @dapeaple 

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