The Reality Winner Files

Reality Winner is the United States Air Force Veteran who reached the level of Senior Airman with the Intelligence Squadron and was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for facilitating the capture of 650 enemy soldiers, 600 enemies killed and identifying 900 high-value targets. After two years of language and intelligence, training Reality was fluent in Pashto, Dari, and Persian and was stationed at Fort … Continue reading The Reality Winner Files

#AaronsLaw Tweetstorm

  Aarons Law Tweetsheet   (1) Establish that breaches of terms of service, employment agreements, or contracts are not automatic violations of the CFAA. (2) Bring balance back to the CFAA by eliminating a redundant provision that enables an individual to be punished multiple times through duplicate charges for the same violation. (3) Eliminate the redundant provision streamlines the law, but would not create a … Continue reading #AaronsLaw Tweetstorm

The Friendship Pipeline

The Friendship Pipeline is what it was dubbed by Iran, Iraq, and Syria as a way to bridge cultural divides which have far too often lead to wars and also to bring an economic boost to their respective countries. The United States has been steadfastly opposed to the Friendship Pipeline simply because it will benefit Iran and Russia. Those familiar with global politics would have … Continue reading The Friendship Pipeline

Stand Up For Lauri Love #TrialAtHome

Lauri Love’s extradition appeal is set to be heard later this month on the 28th and the 29th. Activist, human rights advocates, experts on Autism and over 100 PM’s in the UK have all voiced their outrage over the United States latest power grab, in extraditing Lauri Love the U.S. is not seeking justice, in fact, they are seeking the exact opposite. The U.S. and … Continue reading Stand Up For Lauri Love #TrialAtHome

#TrialAtHome Click-to-Tweet Sheet #FreeLauri 99.8% of those federally charged in the US r forced into plea agreements is tht justice? #FreeLauri #TrialAtHome 2.    CFAA law n conjunction w/ US-UK extradition treaties 2 extradite #FreeLauri if allowed who will b next? #TrialAtHome   3. contact ur state leaders & tell them tht the extradition of #FreeLauri is inhumane Lauri should get a #TrialAtHome 4.    kindly donate to … Continue reading #TrialAtHome Click-to-Tweet Sheet #FreeLauri

Message From Fight For The Future #NetNeutrality

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai plans to release his proposal to kill net neutrality the day before Thanksgiving—November 22—and now only Congress can stop him. The good news is that we’re hearing that a number of key lawmakers are strongly considering taking action to slow the FCC down. The only thing that’s holding them back, they say, is that they aren’t hearing from enough constituents. That’s … Continue reading Message From Fight For The Future #NetNeutrality

The Common Era Manifesto

I once wanted to work for what we call today Mainstream Media until I realized that the people we see on television, read in newspapers or magazines aren’t even real journalist, they are more like Hollywood actors or actresses just playing a role that they are directed to play. Who is directing them you might ask? Well, the illusion of choice in our media today … Continue reading The Common Era Manifesto