Written by @Mohammedalbokh5

Yemen is the heartbeat of our hearts, the balm for our wounds, the calm of our pain, and the cure for our illness.

In it we were born, and on its riches, we grew up, and among its bounties, we ate, and it is loyalty since it did not betray us or fail us since we were placed on its back, so the liberation of its lands will remain a debt on our necks as long as we live.

Under any justification and under any name, there were ungrateful people seeking the impossible who see the outside as a source of legislation to impose them on us, forgetting that the will of the Yemenis is stronger than being broken before the tyrants of the earth with all their equipment, equipment, mercenaries and legions, as it is solid and unyielding, nor can it be weakened, no matter how long the days and years are.

Its lands are volcanoes that do not have mercy on the greedy and do not accept a stranger, and its men have qualities that they are unique to. Without them, their qualities and the words they embody would not have been added to all languages ​​(such as courage, heroism, strength, dress, and valour), and they were not mentioned in language dictionaries, and they did not have derivations, neither with the status of a verb, nor a subject, nor an adjective or a description.

He mentions weariness in the Qur’an, except for iron, and the glorious men of Yemen, men of peace for those who want peace, men of war, bruises, and scourge, and they have no dictionary for the word surrender. Their land is a graveyard for those who persist in the methodology of criminality.

Its hurricanes and the feet of its men are the best witnesses. Its heroes, with their sleeves rolled up, go to fight without hesitation, to draw the end of the enemy according to the method which they see, then either they will return a slain to his land, or he will strike him with an arrow on its water, or they allow him to flee, dragged by the tails of disappointment, defeat, and brokenness, stunned by the brilliance of its fronts, the hell and fire of its lands, and the valor and feet of its men.

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