Call to arms, fides infinitum #Anonymous

The freedoms of the internet are under assault by our own ignorance and those who chose to exploit this ignorance. Governments around the world are becoming increasingly oppressive of our online activities. We’ve seen laws like the CFAA law in America that was written in the eighties and has no impact or relevance to our internet, destroy the lives of young geniuses and their families. The United States Government doesn’t stop there they use this CFAA law to prosecute globally by exploiting extradition treaties in conjunction with the CFAA law. A perfect example of this is the grotesque extradition order that was signed for Lauri Alexander Love.

Where does this end with another suicide? With the world losing another irreplaceable mind like Aaron Swartz? If you look at the recent events in last ten years involving the relentless crusade to quiet information seekers, truth revealers’, corporate squealers, hackers, activist, and Hacktivist. You have to be alarmed and if you aren’t then you have Stockholm Syndrome. I have screamed from the rooftops for years that this is not justice or peace nor even a sliver of liberty it’s information tyrants hellbent on keeping us aimless plastic bags aloft in their propagandist bliss. I refuse to be silent anymore, I refuse to be afraid and I refuse to be a target. You gave us technology, just because we know how to use it better than you do, please don’t be mad at us. You love collecting evidence and building cases against innocent people whilst the real truly heinous offenders are given proverbial slaps on the wrist or their given treatment. In a hacker or activist’s case you cant offer treatment because you’ve never quite understood who we are and this is by far is the most frightening thought each and every one of you alphabet agencies ponder each day and your solution is oppression. The unknown is the uncontrolled and the uncontrolled are an obviously risk to your control, does that frighten you? Of course it does. We will not be lured like fish into your BOP fish tanks nor will we allow Lauri Love to extradited to the United States, we will not stand idly by and let you hide your heinous acts of torture, we will not sit idly by as you crucify our geeks or watch as the United States government destroys another family’s life, WE the People have had enough! This is not about what your political views are, these are human beings most them smarter than you or I but they would never boast about that. In the name of liberty and humanity we must stand together as one collective with one mission to demand the CFAA law be amended and to remind the powers that be that this is #OurInternet.

A global protest is being planned do you want to be apart of it?

Do you believe #OurInternet is at risk?

Do you believe Aarons Law should be passed?

Do you support Internet Privacy?

Do you condemn the Extradition of Lauri Alexander Love?

Do you support #FreeAnons?

Then please contact our twitters @Dapeaple, @AaronsLaw2017 @OpStandUp2CFAA

Fides Infinitum #Information

By @dapeaple

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less than


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