In the morning of August 6th, 2010, Matt DeHart applied for a Student Visa in Canada he was told he will have to cross back over the border into the United States and then back into to Canada which is customary under Canadian law. Upon crossing back into Canada Matt DeHart was detained by two FBI agents from Maine who did not read Matt DeHart his rights, Matt is told he’s being detained because his passport flagged for an “espionage matter” Matt is driven by the two FBI agents to the International Avenues Border Crossing Facilities in Bangor Maine, Matt is then taken to the basement of the facility and placed in a “dry cell” which has no sink or toilet.

To fully understand this story we have to go back to 2009 when the DeHart’s Newburgh Indiana family home was raided on what are widely believed to be false charges of child pornography. The reason these false charges have no merit is the United States government nor any of their alphabet agencies could prove that child pornography existed on any of Matt DeHart’s devices, in fact, Canadian Authorities proved that there were absolutely no indecent images on any of Matt DeHart’s devices.

Never before have I seen the FBI conscientiously manipulate and contort the Justice System to come to heel and be complicit in this morbid excuse to our Constitution. To prosecute and immorally demean an entire family and rob them of their sovereignty for nearly nine years. What have the DeHart’s done to deserve the full wrath of the United States government?

Why does the Federal Government insist on placing burden after burden in front of the DeHart family? Bureaucratically building the walls they have to climb higher and higher for no other reason than to wage phycological warfare upon the DeHart family. Matt DeHart is a criminal in the eyes of the FBI not because of what he was convicted of, but because of the file that was unloaded on Matt DeHart’s dead-drop server in 2009 which included detailed case logs, handwritten notes, and evidence reports of a case in which the FBI was investigating the CIA for their involvement in the 2001 Anthrax Attacks.

Even though Matt DeHart has been prosecuted and sentenced the Federal Government still has not declassified the “interview” with Matt DeHart at the Canadian border. Their reason for keeping these events classified is the common “it’s a matter of National security”, Matt DeHart is in prison on the false fabricated charges of child pornography yet his interrogation by FBI agents is a matter of National security? The following details were provided in a timeline by Matt DeHart himself about what happened to him while he was held captive at the International Avenues Border Crossing Facilities in Bangor Maine by FBI agents.

Matt DeHart is transported to a facility that has no windows and he is interrogated by the same two FBI agents who detained him. Matt at this time is also forcibly drugged intravenously. Matt DeHart asks for a lawyer and he is denied. As soon as Matt says the word “lawyer” this interrogation should have ended per the United States Constitution. At this moment the FBI has violated his Miranda Rights by denying him an attorney and his due process. Matt DeHart has the right to remain silent, but the FBI took it upon themselves to deny an American citizen and former National Air Guardsmen his constitutional rights. It’s clear from the very beginning of this case that the FBI is operating outside of the law, it’s an embarrassment to this Constitutional Republic. The constitutionalist and civil rights attorney’s that turned a blind eye to this case should be ashamed of yourselves especially the ACLU.

Matt is transported to Penobscot County Jail by the same two FBI agents around 7:00 PM that night, but he can’t remember how he got there, because he has been drugged by the two FBI agents who detained him, Matt did not ask for any of the medication these agents forced him to take for reasons the public will never know because the interrogation is “classified”. Matt wakes up at around 1:00 AM in the morning on August 7th, strapped to a gurney in an ambulance on his way to Eastern Maine Medical Center. Think about the time that has elapsed from the time he was arrested until awakening in an ambulance on his way to the hospital. Imagine you were Matt having been denied everything from a toilet to an attorney, not being able to contact your family and your being treated like a Gitmo detainee. Imagine not only you but your parents served this country and the United States Government chose to toss your constitutional rights aside and are holding you against your will in an unknown location. Matt DeHart had to be afraid for his life at this point and worst the information these agents were seeking was information Matt didn’t have, if I feel helplessness writing this then I can’t imagine how hopeless and helpless Matt Dehart felt.

Upon arriving at the hospital Matt is diagnosed with a possible drug induced acute psychosis and tachycardia. He is released around 4:00 AM in “stable” but guarded condition requiring follow-up care. The ER doctors report claimed Matt DeHart had a chemical burn in one of his eyes and was “paranoid and delusional”. If Matt was not a prisoner at the time and was brought to the hospital in that condition they would have never of let him leave. As doctors, you take an oath to serve the patient not a badge. Doctors in that emergency room knew exactly what was happening to Matt and they chose to instead release Matt back into the custody of the agents who were torturing him.

Matt is returned to the County Jail and placed back in a dry cell. He is denied food and water, a violation of his civil rights, he is given a styrofoam cup half full of an orange beverage and demanded to take some sort of pill, he is told he has to put the pill on his tongue before he can have a drink. For someone that has been denied access to liquids for the amount of time Matt DeHart was to then be offered something to drink only if he takes this pill the agents gave him is disgusting, it turns my stomach and should turn the collective stomachs of any decent minded being who reads this. That evening Matt is kept awake and interrogated repeatedly, he is denied sleep that night as guards leave the light on in his cell which only has a switch on the outside and by banging on the cell door in between interrogations throughout the night keeping Matt awake.

These are both forms of psychological torture and physical torture used against Gitmo Detainees, not American citizens. Sleep deprivation is an interrogation tactic that commonly leads to false confessions, the urge to sleep becomes overwhelming and the person who is being deprived sleep will do and say anything just to be allowed to sleep, the mind cannot coherently process thoughts because all a sleep deprived mind wants to do is sleep. At some point that night Matt has to use the toilet and is told to “shit in the drain.” It is as if at this point Matt is not a human being to these individuals because if he were a human to them then he wouldn’t be treated like an animal. Matt relieves himself in the drain as he was told and his jumpsuit and mat are immediately taken from him Matt is then doused with cold bleach water and interrogated again.

On Monday, August 9th, 2010 in Federal Court Matt informs pretrial services he has not eaten in a few days and he is famished. Matt informs his pre-trial attorney that he hasn’t eaten in two days and nothing is done? Nothing about his client being denied food for two days is mentioned to the court? Matt gets only a short time to meet with the lawyer the court has provided. When Matt is brought back to the jail, his clothing and lawyer’s contact information are taken from him. People who have been to prison know that your lawyer card is a holy possession and sometimes the only way for you to get help is your lawyer card it’s considered legal paperwork which is off limits to officers, not only did these two Maine FBI agents deny Matt his right to an attorney, they shattered any hope of him getting help this was meant to further dishearten Matt and to make him feel more hopeless. Officials at the International Avenue Border Crossing Facilities and the Maine FBI agents continue to further violate Matt DeHart’s rights as he is cavity searched without consent, Matt request to contact his attorney and he is again denied.

The night of August 9th. 2010 two FBI Special Agents from the field office in Washington D.C. are flown by helicopter to the International Avenues Border Crossing Facilities in Bangor Maine to interrogate Matt DeHart. Matt asks these two FBI Special Agents for an attorney, but his request for legal representation is again denied. Four FBI agents including two Special Agents have all chose to ravish Matt’s constitutional rights by continuously denying him legal representation. Matt is kept awake for the third night in a row as he is continually given oral medication and told he can have a drink only if he takes the medication. The pill FBI agents kept feeding Matt DeHart was Thorazine a powerful sedative which isn’t commonly used anymore because of its intensity. Thorazine also becomes more powerful if you have nothing in your stomach to dilute the drug. Denying Matt DeHart food and water whilst pumping him full of drugs intensified the effects of the huge amount of drugs these FBI agents gave Matt, people who take Thorazine are “turned into zombies” this is exactly what the FBI wanted for Matt to have little or no will to defend himself. Drugs have been used in interrogations since the 1920’s it was actually seen at that time as a less inhumane way to get information out of someone rather than torturing them. These drugs were used by the FBI and CIA and they were known as “The Barbiturates”, but these FBI agents will further prove that there is nothing humane about them.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010 Matt is doused with cold bleach water as he began to fall asleep, he remembers how bad his eyes burned. The next day Matt goes before the judge at a hearing in the Federal Court where he collapses before the Judge. Matt is then returned to the jail, but this time he is hooded by the FBI agents which cause Matt to hyperventilate and he begins to yell for help. Instead of receiving help Matt feels water pour over his hooded head, Matt’s wet body is then shocked repeatedly by FBI agents leaving him with burn wounds, Matt is interrogated all night by two FBI Special Agents and the following morning he is transferred to Cumberland County Jail in Maine and then on to Kentucky Regional Jail where a cellmate witness the burn marks at Matt’s arms even though some time had passed since he was tortured. There are some things that we are forced to absorb in life such as natural disasters or terminal illnesses then there are the things others forced us to absorb such as terrorism, murder, and torture. These FBI agents chose for Matt DeHart to absorb torture an act that can never be justified no matter what classification you stamp upon your heinous actions or wall of National Security you cower behind. The public does not know the names of the FBI agents that tortured Matt DeHart because that information remains classified, but they know who they are and I would like to ask them, what makes you human? Does depriving a man of sleep, food, and water for days make you a human? Does placing a hood over a man’s head, pouring water over him then repeatedly tasering him make you a human?

September 22, 2010, Paul DeHart testifies before a Federal Grand Jury in Washington D.C. where he is questioned about his military background and about Matt’s military background. Paul is also questioned about his trip to the Russian Embassy with Matt to seek asylum. Two weeks later on October 6th, a Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee indicts Matt DeHart for one count of production of child pornography and one count of transporting child pornography. Nineteen months later on May 22, 2012, Matt is granted bail by Judge Trauguer who said the following at Matt DeHart’s hearing; “He thought the search for child pornography was really a ruse to try and get the proof about his extracurricular national security issues. I found him very credible on that issue. Obviously, child pornography charges are serious offenses. I have learned several aspects of the case which, in the court;s mind, indicate the weight of the evidence is not as firm as I thought it was.” Eleven months later on April 3rd, 2013 the DeHart family travels to Fort Frances in Ontario Canada and ask for Refugee Protection based on the fact that Matt was tortured by FBI agents. The next day Matt is arrested for failure to appear in court in the United States on the child pornography charges and suspicion of espionage.

Six months later on November 19th, 2014 a Federal Court in Nashville Tennessee handed down a new indictment for Matt DeHart with ratcheted up charges including two counts of production of child pornography, one count of transporting child pornography and one count of failure to appear in court. On February 5th, 2015 Leann, Paul, and Matt were all denied asylum in Canada by Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board, Matt is deported back to the United States on March 1st just twenty-three days after being denied asylum. Matt DeHart was sentenced to 90 months in prison on November 13. 2015 and he would have been getting out soon if his time served in Canada wasn’t stolen from him which caused fourteen months to be added onto his already despicable sentence.

The DeHart family have had their entire lives shattered through absolutely no fault of their own Matt DeHart didn’t steal over classified 300 files which contained “internal documents from an agrochemical company expressing culpability for more than 13,000 deaths related to genetically modified organisms. There was also what appeared to be internal documents from the FBI, field notes on the bureau’s investigation into the worst biological attack in U.S. history: the anthrax-laced letters that killed five Americans and sickened 17 others shortly after Sept. 11.” The federal Governments lack of security allowed these documents to be uploaded onto Matt’s dead drop server. During the torture of Matt DeHart at the hands of the FBI Matt is never asked once about child pornography, the FBI agents instead asked him about Anonymous and WikiLeaks which proves his incarceration has nothing to do with the charges he pled guilty to. The FBI detained and tortured Matt DeHart for fear he had these sensitive documents whether it be the screen shots showing the agrochemical company admitting their guilt for the deaths of 13,000 people or the screen shots indicating the CIA’s involvement in the worst biological attack in United States history, the FBI’s justification for torturing Matt DeHart was to make sure the documents that were uploaded to Matt’s dead drop server never were seen by the public.

I once told Leann DeHart that her last name was fitting because she has one of the strongest hearts I know, a heart that is open, caring, loving, protective, wise and has lifted me up in my lowest moments, it’s no wonder why she is commonly referred to as Cyber Mom. Her friendship is something myself and many others cherish, she sends beautiful art to countless Anons who otherwise would not have seen bright colors that day. We as a collective and a public have to stand behind the DeHart’s and let them know they are not alone while at the same time reminding the United States Government that they cannot hide their heinous acts of torture and that We the People denounce their actions against Matt DeHart and for crushing his family to this day. Just as Matt proved to those cowardly FBI agents that they could not break him, Leann and Paul will prove that the full weight of the United States Government will never break them, their Harts are too strong.

By Joziah

We the people

Exuding free speech

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