Whilst mindlessly scrolling on social media came across this news about an “activist ” from Women’s Rights group femen , protesting against United States diplomats in Ukraine’s capital Kiev, according to the news that women stood in Sub-Zero temperature with don’t be a p***y  scrolled across her bare chest, and holding weapons …. Some might call this bravery or freedom ,but If you reflect upon this , you’ll find it disrespectful towards the women kind, in order to get attention ,if you have to flaunt your naked body,its like spreading  the idea that properly covered and dignified you’re not worth the attention  ,so let’s just strip down,  here comes au naked and now you’ll be heard eh !!!

Despite the urgent call for help why would a women degrade herself in front of the world ? Normalizing that we are just boobs and nothing else, above all that you might be getting attention in the news for a day or so ,but you’ll will never be an ideal example , someone worth mentioning .
A thrilling moment yes!  perhaps an  internet sensation aswell , but it’ll never be a precedent followed by others or a story told to the coming generations proudly , as the saying goes, what comes easy,  goes easy .Sorry to say, these modern activists are not cut to be activists , ungroomed and excessive amount of anger oozing out , profane speeches , undignified outfits and gestures,  and even in their ideas there’s absence of clarity. Their protest styles seems more like a toddler throwing toys out of the pram , how do they expect to be heard ? That’s disappointing…

It’s up to us to decide as an individual and society, if we want quick attentions or revolutions with lasting impact , something that other nations and coming generations can proudly follow for years ,Palestinian female voices are a magnificent example of this attitude,  from Lela Khaled to  Ahed Tamimi and this recent example of a Palestinian girl Muna Al Kurd, allprotesting against the demolition of her home town in illegally occupied Sheikh Jarrah, covered elegantly and  confident enough that the world is paying attention to her words .Your composure, words and confidence should be strong enough to make people pay attention ,That you’ll never have to lower down your standards

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