Why do people lie ?
well there is a simple response to that ,perhaps sometimes the truth is not so interesting for others ,and they know that they’ll lose every shred of dignity if they speak the truth. I’m not justifying liars here ,allow me to elaborate, there are different types of liars , one who have never spoken a word of truth in their entire lives ,whom we can call habitual Liars,and other who lies to feel better ,having explained the difference I’m talking about those people who are solely trying to hide their pain as they’re aware  the moment they will share the truth ,people will begin walking away from them. It’s a proven fact when you are going through a difficult phase in your life , starting over again ,you feel much like those identity thieves trying to recreate their identity ,because in the process of your suffering you have already lost a huge chunk of yourself . You have to put on a fake smile ,answer others according to what they want to hear about your life, if you see somebody silent or occasionally sharing about their lives, they respond to serious questions by wrapping it in a joke ,chances are those folks are going through a life altering phase ,as life is not sunshine and candy for everyone.

Your buddies from school ,college or university ,or your colleagues from workplace ,your Social Circle ,friends always expect to have entertaining people around them, thrilling and exciting not somebody trying to figure out life and wearing  it all over oneself . Therefore many choose to lie about everything ,they do so by dressing up properly ,painting their faces ,spending money on things that do not have energy to appreciate ,but they put up a facade ,wear a mask everyday, and whenever anybody asks them uneasy questions they create their own stories , for instance ” o yes I do have money ,my family is extremely wealthy or hell yea I do have a lover, he/she lives abroad, or a woman/man going through marital problems cover by saying  “of course I love my husband/wife, he/she is always traveling that’s why we are not together outside much” . In today’s society being single or a spinster opens the nags of the society ,why you’re still single ?Ow , poor her…. she couldn’t find the man, I’m sure there are a huge number of people out there who must have spread the tales of their fictional lovers to escape these uncomfortable moments.

To add more,a  man going through financial issues telling his friends, I have a huge plan actually ,I’m working on some business venture recently, or a woman going through infertility telling her friends,” well me and my husband do not want a child right now ,we are focusing on building or careers ,we are too busy to make our own life ,how are we going to take care of a child?” . It’s a harsh  reality if that women or man begin to cry in front of their friends, anyone who is asking those questions will disappear eventually, begin ghosting them, leaving them even more perplexed than they already were. This is the reason people lie ,they infact create lies…. by the way everybody knows that everyone lies on their resumes, especially if you’re freshly out of University and they ask you to bring 5 years or 6 years of experience ,what do they expect from you? except lies…

A scholar of Islam, Imam al-Shafi gave are very straightforward response ,when he was constantly badgered about his age ,as he was extremely young when he became a scholar , due to his youthful appearance he was asked this question abundantly ,he and his students are still in this day ,in this century are responding this answer to anyone who pokes nose in their personal business , its extremely simple but elegant response “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS “…. how simple is that? in essence, do not ask what doesn’t concern you,do not make others uncomfortable by asking unnecessary questions, it might be a habit ,a hobby of yours, something you find extremely comfortable whilst doing. You forget that you might be pushing somebody to create lies and we all know how it goes sooner or later if you hear a different story from somebody else or Witness something opposite , you’re going to paint that person an absolute con artist. So for heavens sake don’t bother yourself with others lives ,make others life,make others  life easy so you can have an easier life aswell. The creator of the heavens and earth clearly asks the believers ,
Abdullah ibn Amr reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you.”
Source: Sunan al-Tirmidhī 1924

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