Out of respect, refraining  from putting her identity out there ,more importantly to keep my own soul humble and safe from feelings of arrogance any sign of pride, I will never share her name or her picture  ,but she sits on haunches ,on the way to my school, I have been seeing her for months, her clothes not tattered , wacky it might sounds , she even uses a phone ,but one cannot ignore the cup she’s holding in her hand ,requesting the passers by to drop some money ,but the thing that made me notice her and she is on my mind,is the fact that she’s never wearing socks, myself being one of those humans , whose feet are always glacial, regardless the layers of socks I put on,  still the feets will be numb, like they were in the freezer .
That girl sits in the freezing cold and the rain without the socks, So today I stopped , dropped the coin in the cup and started walking  , but I couldn’t hold myself after walking few steps ,therefore I returned to her & asked her, “why you don’t wear socks ?” ,I touched her feet while asking ,incase she couldn’t understand me, she looked up at me and responded ,Her son didn’t had socks ,so she gave hers, and added, the other pair she owns wasn’t dry after the washing…….What rips my heart is the fact ,that she is on a foreign land, her own home is a warzone ,she traveled here God knows in what conditions ,has no education, no skills to survive, this difficult land so she took refuge in ,gives her option of facing the elements with a cup in her hand seeking alms and coins.Though I must admire the fact ,that she is hardworking, some might say begging is effortless, but I refuse to agree ,begging is never easy, you have to sit on your haunches and  beg for pennies , shred your dignity,pride and respect each day ,when people put money in your bowl and don’t even glance at your face ,say a word to you , don’t care to ask , did you eat today? or it’s cold why you’re not wearing appropriate clothes?

Those who have never experienced living on any foreign land ,especially when you’re not a tourist or moving to other land because you’re bored back home will have a difficult time understanding this .We are talking  about the unfortunate ones who have their own homes destroyed ,there’s no life back home, they have no choice , in order to survive they are living on a foreign land, it takes a lot ,Perhaps those who lacks empathy need to witness this misery to learn some sympathy .I understand that fear ,the desperation ,staying awake at night trying to figure out how we are going to survive? how we are going to earn  one-time meal ? Fear of authorities that they might throw us out, force us to leave this country as well ,where will we go ?we already do not have a home, where will we go? .Those living in their cozy homes ,watching down from the Sky scrappers, where the temperature on the floors is set according to their bodies, and lavished with each and every luxury item in the world , furniture flown in from all the world ,their clothes filled with fine clothes, do lack the ability to comprehend this feeling and this life, those who have never experienced any fear , War ,homelessness, they have always lived in a country where they are allowed to do whatever they want , they can never understand this helplessness.

O ! and some feeble minds reading this might begin blaming God for this imbalance in wealth and life ,Indeed ,it’s a fact he created the wealthy and those who do not even have money to buy socks,so leaving a thought for those ignorants,there are enough resources and wealth , land & food on this entire planet that everyone can sleep on the bed of silver, and eat with a golden spoon , or atleast sleep with a roof above their heads and bellies filled ,but it’s the greed of humans controlling everything, their unsatisfied materialism , desperation to gain more,despite the fact they already have abundantly.

I’m glad, that I am able to feel their pain, I remind myself that I must thank God for reminding me, that I still own a heart if I can feel their distress ,and I still have what it takes to be human ,the day my heart will get cold, the day I will stop feeling the pain of others, and become selfish,that’s the day ,when i must be ashamed of my existence, just like those who have Frozen their hearts, and they blame unfortunate  people ,the immigrants or refugees, who have no choice,due to their dire circumstances.To anyone reading this ,I must say , if you feel your feets getting cold imagining that women without the socks in the freezing cold and your heart hurts for a minute with sadness, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE TO CALL YOURSELF A HUMAN ….

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