One of the biggest tests for human beings is their basic two desires , some might  claim that there is a plethora of desires on the list ,but if you think deeper and analyse ,you will know that the most impacting are only two, it’s the desires of the stomach and the carnal desires . As Imam Al Ghazali , a persian philosopher  theologianjurist  logician and mystic  of Islam, in his famous work reviving the science of islam,wrote in his book “Breaking the two desires ” the desire of the stomach and the desire of the genitals ,because both are the source corruption.If one can control these mighty elements in our nature,  we can ensure living  without sowing corruption,  but if we let them take over our souls , they’ll take away the best of us ,these  two components gets the best of humans ,sometimes overwhelms us and obviously takes over our inner voice , decency and standards , where we surrender to them.

Corruption of soul and corruption of mind and body begins from these two desires , this is an undeniable fact that human bodies have desires and appetites, and when desires and appetites take control , it sows corruption  , though one cannot survive without the other, empty stomach has no yearning for libido,  but once its fullfilled ,this lower nature takes over if not leashed . Since the beginning of the time humans have been up and running for food , full their bellies , from the kings to the peasants cannot survive without that , and once we achieve that we work for all the material success ,to ensure opportunities of satisfying our carnal desires in our way .Lets fill this conversation with some present day examples, we are already aware of the greed , materialism, money grubbiness, and hunger for more immensely increasing in our socities , and these dark Carnel desires sweeping in ,with the precedent of normalizing abnormal sexual desires , as one opens the floodgate for others and their chances of normalization, those paedophiles and zoophiles are paving their ways based on their satanic views.

The purpose of writing this topic is to shed light on the significant question “our purpose in life ” , what do we think and how we prorirtize our inclinations , do we let them take over us or tame them ,According to the scholars of light ,the successful way this is done is by acquiring  knowledge , having an understanding of our beginning and end , the purpose of our birth and the hereafter , every good or bad thing we do here,  every sin or virtues act we commit , the more we know the greater chances we have to respond to that question.
According to the Islamic tradition,  the humans being are created superior from all other species and creatures on earth,  the only living being blessed with the ability to ponder and comprehend,  wise and enlightened we are. Other living beings are living a programmed life,  they have a circle , a defined way of life , they never break that decree . On the other hand,  humans are given the right to choose and follow their own desired paths,  now it’s up to us , how we live her. That takes us to the previous discussion about our purpose in life , if we have enlightened our souls ,we will never let any human desire take over us. Question everything,  that the way ,but question with the intention to gain knowledge,  and not to gain superiority,  As arrogance murderers the wisdom.

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