Do Not Let The Whispers Of Devil Take Control

The biggest challenge for humans is not to refrain from committing sins ,Ofcourse one must avoid as much a soul can ,but one must keep in their mind that making mistakes is part of our design , the creator of heaven and earth knows that .He has stated our weaknesses clearly to us , in … Continue reading Do Not Let The Whispers Of Devil Take Control

A Heartless Society

Today's post won't be long perhaps, just a heartbreaking rant and rave. The heartlessness and selfishness of humans is appalling. Whilst searching came across this post on Facebook,  shared by an account from Turkey , showing clicks of two boys having a brawl in the middle of the busy street . The account wrote that … Continue reading A Heartless Society

“You & I” By Aliyah Marie…

"Imma be honestYou da baddestWhat's saddestIs you know all your anglesBut you stuck in this tangleWhere you don't think your ableTo be more than what you are right nowBut babyNothing is impossibleIt really could be you and meOne dayBut not todayAnd I can live with thatI can watch from a farI'll hold my feelingsTil I … Continue reading “You & I” By Aliyah Marie…

The War On Clothes & Choices

I was walking in the Kaba ,the house of Allah,where billions & trillions of believers desperately wants to pray atleast once in their life.Wearing my headscarf in a style that my neck was slightly exposed,although wrapped in my Iranian Chador , a huge piece of cloth, I was looking for a place to sit down … Continue reading The War On Clothes & Choices

“Excess Of Love” By Aliyah Marie…

"Love is a gameWe all getting playedBut you can go onAndPut that show onAct like you don't careGirl it's only fairThat I do youHow you do meBut how could that beWhen all I wanna do is love youBut it's okay it's coolI ain't playing foolNo moYou can fashoGo fuck yourselfDon't need your helpI got myselfDon't … Continue reading “Excess Of Love” By Aliyah Marie…

“Love Is War ” By Aliyah Marie…

"All I can say is I'm sorryPut all the blame on meI ruined usCuz I got too caught upOverthinking usNot ready for loveToo scared to trustA lovesick lovebugIs all I amPlease take my handA sensitive foolFor you,YouAnd now there ain't no going backEverything is in the pastYou lie on my nameBut I'm the one to … Continue reading “Love Is War ” By Aliyah Marie…

You Are Born To Fall In Love

We are all always looking for reasons to live , to wake up in the morning , to continue to live each day.Without a purpose life is like a gigantic mountain that makes us feel exhausted and we lose all the energy to live it in a blink. Purposeless, useless,meaningless... Some humans believe that we … Continue reading You Are Born To Fall In Love

“Lost In Love” By Aliyah Marie

"I don't know what you wantAll you do is tauntMeMe,I can't get you outta my headWhy do I still want youWhen you left me for deadAfter you saidYou loved MeMe,And I believed youI trusted youEverything I fearedRearedIt's ugly headI'm seeing redCuz you ain't mineGirl pleaseJust give me your timeYou'll be just fineI'll take your heart … Continue reading “Lost In Love” By Aliyah Marie

The Magical Beans Of Al Mokha In Yemen

There are a huge number of people in every corner of the world who are addicted to coffee, from opening their eyes and crawling out of bed for a hot cuppa to drinking this beverage whole day till they hit the sack again .The legend has it that the magical beans were discovered by the … Continue reading The Magical Beans Of Al Mokha In Yemen

What Drives A Women To Vindictiveness & Trickery?

The on going trial of Amber Heard and Jhonny Deep is driving immense amount of attention,from the fact that they are celebrities to the divulgence of shocking revelations that are being made public through the media coverage of their trail .There's no debate about Amber Heard's manipulative mind games and plotting , her actions during … Continue reading What Drives A Women To Vindictiveness & Trickery?