“Travel and tell no one,
live a true love story and tell no one,
live happily and tell no one,
people ruin beautiful things.”~ Khalil Jibran

These are such simple but profound words, people now a days choose to flash their tiniest moments on social media not only with their friends but for some the whole planet must know what they’re up to, perhaps they feel like they have this duty to let everyone know if they’re drinking water or they have brushed their teeth today ,wearing their new shoes ,even if they are eating with a new spoon, that must be on Instagram or Facebook. They’re not doing things for their ownselves but just to count likes and views .Merely analyzing the words of Khalil Jibran here , with present day examples, from our lives, we don’t travel with the objective of our personal growth, to learn something new to understand to open our Soul, or welcome new ideas , sadly we travel to click pictures only .This age is about letting everybody know that you have a lover ,you don’t fall in love for yourself but just for the sake of society or your peer group pressure you want everyone to know through your social media accounts that yes !you have a love life ,infact if we put it like that they want to prove that they have got what takes to have a lover .

Infact some are pretending to be happy,  it’s like those actors creating lives they want others to see , creating this illusion of happiness ,by creating this idea that they are vibrant and full of life ,there is alot going on around them in their life everyday ,they’re always up for something new ,people wonder scrolling down their social media accounts ,how fun they are, or whilst seeing them bragging at social events about their adventures .

Just like it is said above traveling is about learning, opening your soul becoming a better person through that process and journey but now it’s all about showing wealth and status, about how many countries you have been to ,how many places you’ve tried their cuisines at, everything is so superficial ,filled with superiority complex trying to wash out the inferiority complex.Just like anything the soul grows in silence ,it takes plenty of alone time with your own self to ponder ,to open the doors to peel the layers and to bring out the light but instead of growing the soul we are just dispersing it everywhere ,weakening it by tiring it down with the pressure and that burden is self-created .

Aside from everything, one reality we completely ignore that not everyone is happy with your adventures ,globe-trotting or your love ,success and your happiness ,oversharing opens doors for many evils .In Islam there’s a huge emphasis on keeping your personal life private, protect oneself from the evil eyes and intentions of others , as jealousy, envy ,resentment, disliking, grudge is a undeniably part of human nature , some have it in abundance and others know how to keep a tight lid on these nagative feelings, for some ,others success and prosperity reminds them what they are lacking and that sparks feelings of resentment inside them , while there are those who have taken an oath to never feel joy in the accomplishments of others .It’s a trap of devil to ignite those negative thoughts in humans ,  where many lose control and harm others just to feel better, that’s the reason in the islamic tradition ,quran and teachings of prophet of God asks us to avoid putting our lives out for others , what’s covered is not only better and essential for your spiritual growth but also protects you from the evils that lurks in the air and intentions of fellow humans. Its wise to guard your spirit from others …

One thought on “Travel And Tell No One

  1. Waarheid als een koe; “Stef”, misbruikt door een tante, levenslang in Leuven – hij wordt gezien als ‘gevaarlijk’; hij doet slechts wat ie in misbruiktoestand deed .


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