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People who know me personally know I never made a Facebook, not only did I think it was a monetarist sinkhole of mind-numbing materialism culminating in a euphoric black hole of manufactured addiction with a side effect of being lost in an abyss of nothingness, but in 2005 I became aware of a platform just like Facebook which at the time was an interesting platform being developed by very intriguing figures at BBN Technologies, a research and development center for Raytheon one of the worlds biggest government contractors.

In doing research, patterns commonly emerge or become irresistible proverbial obelisks protruding from the surface waiting to be investigated. The story of Facebook is no different. All information provided in this report is publicly available information that can be researched by anyone. This report hopes to lead those seeking information about the origins of Facebook on the right path to find the true intentions of Facebook.


<0><0> The Bait <0><0>

Do you have a Facebook?

Mark Zuckerburg, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, and Eduardo Saverin launched “The Facebook” from their Harvard dorm room in 2004. The Facebook was only open to students at Harvard, Yale, Standford, and Columbia, but was quickly accumulating users.


This led Peter Thiel to be the first venture capitalist to invest in Facebook. He invested $500,000 in Facebook which allegedly just stumbled out of Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room. Peter Thiel is a member of Vanguard a conservative political action committee and also a data “nurturing” company recently exposed called Palantir which makes Cambridge Analytica and Facebook’s privacy violations look reasonably insignificant. Peter Thiel is also on the board of NVCA and James Breyer was elected Chairman of the National Venture Capitalist Association on May 13, 2004.

Zuckerburg rejected an offer by Friendster in July of 2004 to buy out the small startup for $10 million. Peter Thiel’s investment in Facebook was then splashed all over corporate media on television, online and in print. Both sides of the isle fawned over Facebook. Mark Zuckerburg and his new platform were routinely dubbed “the next big thing.” Peter Thiel still to this day is revered for his early investment in Facebook and in 2012 Thiel cashed out on his 500 thousand dollar investment in Facebook for just over 1 billion.

Facebook is peddled to the public as this groundbreaking, earth shattering new platform that will connect the world unlike anything the world has ever seen. Facebook before it opened to the public and only had ivroy league students as users on the platform it was highly sought after by both intelligence contractors and those interested in mining data on a vast scale. Facebook turned down offers from Google, Viacom, Newscorp, NBC, AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft. At the time Facebook users consisted of only rich kids from pretigious universities and Facebook was accumalating vast amounts of data on them, this data was and still is extremely vuluable, but Facebook made it even more so by limiting who could access Facebook to only rich college students.



<0><0> The Switch <0><0>


Gotcha a dollar…hought! You gotta be quicker than that.

Thiel’s investment in Facebook paved the way for other venture capitalists to start throwing their money at Facebook, but no investment would get more attention then Peter Thiel’s investment. It was Thiel who legitimized Facebook among big-heads in Silicon Valley and investors as a whole.

In December of 2004, The Facebook now has over 1 million users and it is still only open to a select number of affluent universities. Out of all the investors investing in Facebook, none stuck out more to me than Accel. Accel invested 12.7 million in Facebook an investment far greater than Peter Thiel, but these investments combined put Facebook’s value at 87.5 million.

James Breyer was the manager at Accel Partners when they made their investment in Facebook. James Breyer was also elected chairman of the National Venture Capitalist Association which oversees 470 separate venture capitalist firms. He was on NVCA’s board with a man by the name of Gilman Louie. facebookfiles4

Gilman Louie is the CEO of In-Q-Tel, a CIA capitalist firm established by the CIA in 1999. James Breyer would join BBN’s board in 2004 and Gilman Louie would join the Board of BBN Technologies in 2005 and the cherry on the sundae would be Dr. Anita K. Jones joining BBN’s Board of Directors in 2006 months before Facebook’s launch.

In March of 2006, Facebook is reportedly up for sale and is asking for $2 billion. Just one month later Peter Thiel and Accel partnered to invest $27.5 million more in Facebook and Facebook opens for free to any and all. Five months later Yahoo offers to buy Facebook for $1.68 billion and Facebook rejects the offer, later that year Peter Thiel would state Facebook is worth $8 billion and has 12 million plus users.

Facebook opens to the public in September of 2006 and removes restrictions, anyone can now become a member. Facebook immediately receives backlash from users already on the Platform who were concerned about their privacy. This prompted Facebook to issue these new privacy features, block other users in specific networks from searching for his or her name, prevent people in those networks from messaging, poking and adding him or her as a friend and control whether his or her profile picture shows up in search results.


By October 2007, Facebook would have over 50 million users and receive its biggest investment at the time from Microsoft which invested an astounding $240 million in Facebook giving Microsoft a 1.6% stake in the company which was valued at the time to be $15 billion. By July 2010 Facebook would have over 500 million users, an annual revenue of $2 billion and be valued at over $50 billion

During this time Facebook collected terabyte upon terabyte of data on people from around the globe, sure it is a platform that has brought the world closer, made us more connected and in doing so it has left us more open. We rejected the Information Awareness Office because it was invasive and downright creepy, we rejected the very notion of the government perusing around our personal lives under the veil of national security. However, to the contrary, we are very open on social media platforms because sharing our personal info with friends is seen as less intrusive, this is the switch.


<0><0> The Information Awareness Office <0><0>


Knowledge is Power.

The IAO was in development for over a decade and then was launched by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in 2002. The IAO was really a bunch of independent projects developed at DARPA with a focus on surveillance. The goal of the IAO was “Total Information Awareness” in order to “protect” us from terroristic threats and “asymmetric threats.” They would, of course, achieve this by violating the privacy rights of millions around the globe, anything electronically transmitted would be collected in a massive data dragnet. Including personal e-mails, social networks, credit card records, phone calls, medical records and many more without a search warrant.

The Information Awareness Office also included biometric surveillance which in the end was ultimately its downfall when the public became aware of this plan not only was it rebuked by the public, but it was also voted down in Congress. Anita Jones was the Director of DARPA and oversaw the agency for years, she was also an advisor to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. The Fact is the IAO never stopped operations they just changed their name.

<0><0> Soggy Alphabet Soup <0><0>


No one likes soggy soup.

James Breyer who was the manager at Accel Partners and the second investor to invest in Facebook to the tune of 12.7 million dollars was formerly on the Board of Directors at In-Q-Tel. Anita Jones who was the former Director of DARPA and oversaw the development of the Information Awareness Office’s Total Information Awareness program and was also formerly on the Board of Directors at In-Q-Tel. Gilman Louie is currently the CEO of In-Q-Tel which is a known CIA venture capital firm that has brought us Google Earth, PRISM and a plethora of other clandestine spying devices.

Gilman Louie, James Breyer, and Anita Jones were on the Board of In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel was established by the CIA to seek out and develop new technologies to help the CIA in their missions. This was a red flag to me, a flag that still to this day is waving in the wind. Because having Anita Jones on the Board at BBN Technologies along with Gilman Louie and James Breyer working on a platform similar to Facebook at BBN is either a really strange coincidence or it’s time to start asking questions. BBN isn’t just any technology company, they are the company accredited for spearheading the ARPNET or what we know today as the Internet. Isn’t it more likely that Facebook was created by BBN Technologies and not in Mark Zuckerburg’s dorm room?

James Breyer and Mark Zuckerburg

After the Snowden Leaks citizens around the globe started to become aware that their life was kind of like living in a fishbowl, people felt cheated and betrayed even though we may all have been subconsciously aware that our governments may be spying on us. I would still argue that no cognitive person would willingly allow a government agent or police officer to roam around their house for a few hours unsupervised. This is a scary thought some would say uncomfortable in the very least or get angry even as you read what I wrote, yet we have no problem allowing our governments to spy on us through our devices capturing some of the most intimate moments of our lives in the name of national security? That, in of itself is repulsive but to me, it is even more repulsive when people openly accept that their privacy is being violated.

I waited until after the #DeleteFacebook movement died down a bit before writing this research up, just to see how many people would actually detox off of Facebook. Problem is that it is ingrained in people’s everyday lives, it was designed to be addictive and designed to expliot the chemical embalance in your brain similar to nicotine. Have you ever noticed the more time people spend on Facebook the more their IQ level drops, its not rude, its science!

We can take all these facts and make our own logical assessments that there is a strong possibility that the CIA situated themselves within the highest levels of Facebook considering how James Breyer owns more Facebook then Mark Zuckerburg does and if that doesn’t make you start asking questions I don’t know what will. It very well could just be a coincidence that Anita Jones and James Breyer all were both on the Board of the CIA’s capitalist firm In-Q-Tel. It may be a coincidence that Gilman Louie the CEO of In-Q-Tel joined Anita Jones and James Breyer one decade later at BBN technologies the company that helped design and develop a platform that bares a striking resemblence to Facebook in 2004.

I would argue that none of these are coincidences and that is why I have been saying for months on Twitter “Facebook = Information Awareness Office.” DARPA tried and failed to present the Information Awareness Office to the American public and all their work over the past decade was at risk to be a waste of time that is until Facebook came stumbling out of Mark Zuckerburg’s dorm room. The government failed in their attempt to make the collection of our personal information on a vast scale a law and had to pack up their creepy logo and hit the road.facebooklol


I can’t write about something I can’t prove and I can’t prove that Facebook is a CIA front masquerading as a social media platform to steal your face…sounds comical right? How about your voice and basically everything else about your life? Is that comical too? My opinion is that it was way too good of an opportunity for the CIA to not at least try to infiltrate the organization or build a program that would be built into Facebook’s source-code to pillage it of data. Facebook is the Information Awareness Office and Zuckerburg is just the face of Facebook. Biometric scanning such as facial recognition and data mining has always been the true objective of Facebook.

Facebook has tens of billions of pictures and videos of peoples faces and recordings of peoples voices stored for all of eternity for reasons no logical person can explain, it literally has become the “Book of Faces.” If Facebook is free then how do they make money? Well, the answer to that is, you. Your personal data is the fuel that runs Facebook. I will resort back to my original analogy and ask anyone reading this, to stop letting people walk around your homes, #DeleteFacebook and encrypt everything.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

By Joziah Thayer

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less


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