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In the fall of 2012, Adam J. Nafa posted a video on his Youtube channel, the video was titled Operation Telecom and is linked above. At the time of posting this video, Adam was under the impression that he wasn’t doing anything illegal and that by releasing this video he was simply informing the public. The fact is history tells us that in the U.S. informing the public is perceived as a horrid betrayal to our country and is not considered to be patriotic at all even though it is the very first amendment to our constitution. Those that dare speak knowledge or dare inform the masses, the United States government will be right there to make an example out of them by utilizing our continuously feigning Justice System to silence them.


On September 26th, 2012 Adam Nafa’s home in North Texas was raided by FBI agents, Adam was charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This is one of the very same charges they charged Lauri Love with. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is unconsciously broad, but the conspiracy to commit computer fraud portion of CFAA is reminiscent of the movie (Minority Report) where the government uses psychics to predict and stop crime which is fitting seeing how the CFAA law was written after the movie War Games. Adam Nafa was identified because of failed operation security meaning he failed to maintain his anonymity, but I do not fault Adam Nafa for getting caught I fault the American government for targeting a young political science student. Special Agent Carie Jeleniewski stated in Adam Nafa’s indictment;


At various times relevant to this Complaint, defendant ADAM JORDAN NAFA resided in Forth Worth, Texas, Nafa posted messages on Internet forums and websites using the aliases “LulzDog” and “Anonymous of America.” Using these (and other) aliases, Nafa posted messages on Internet forums (1) claiming association with the group Anonymous, and (2)espousing extreme, anti-establishment views, including, for example, recently suggesting the assassination of various conservative figures and corporate executives.”

First off any anon reading read that last part back and absorb, it is, in fact, a crime to be a member of Anonymous. It is, in fact, a crime to “espoused” extreme anti-establishment views. Donald Trump ran his whole campaign screaming to “drain the swamp” now if that isn’t anti-establishment I don’t know what the fuck is and if it’s a crime to be a member of Anonymous then you hermaphrodite pigs got a lot of paperwork to do.


The Alledged, Planned, Maybe Going To Happen But Never Actually Happened Cyber Attack

Special Agent Carie Jeleniewski claims that on or about June 6th, 2012 Adam Nafa using the nic “LulzDog” posted in an IRC channel “anybody up for a ddos of verizon?” Which gained this response in the IRC channel.


Is this when the United State Government found it constitutionally moral to start tracking Adam? No. He was tracked monitored and hunted down like wild game long before he posted this message on that channel or else Special Carie Jeleniewski would have never been in that IRC channel. Adam was a target since the day he posted the video for Operation Telecom he was tracked and monitored on Twitter and from the Special Agents own testimony we know they were monitoring what he was posting on Internet forums and to that they would have to of honed in on his Internet Protocol address and placed a tracker or trackers on it. Adams case, when brought to my attention, frightened me I feared for my liberty and the liberty of others.


Adam Nafa put out a video that informed the public of corporatist greed outweighing consumer rights on a massive scale were talking about the Internet here so of course Verizon and AT&T who both have long withstanding deals with the Department of Justice and other governmental agencies would bring the hammer down on anyone who challenges them and it’s why if we as mere citizens do something as little as add a number at the end of a URL and expose how insecure AT&T is we then have to be taught a lesson we have to be shown that their power still exist and that are still mere citizens. Adam Nafa posing the question in an IRC channel “anyone up for ddos of Verizon?” Does not constitute conspiring to commit a crime of any kind. It’s fucking laughable, to be frank, it outlines yet again just how hopelessly clueless authorities and lawmakers are, Lulzsec if you will, because if I mention to someone in a line at the bank “wanna rob a bank?” are me and said person now conspiring to rob this bank? No, of course, we aren’t and Adam didn’t conspire to DDoS Verizon. A wise man once said “you cannot arrest an idea” and that’s all Operation Telecom was an “idea”.


Adam Nafa’s case is less grim than most cases this coalition has researched but it isn’t less frightening, the telecommunication corporatist were terrified of Adam’s speech, not for one second was this case ever about Adam posting a list of servers or the alleged planned actions of Operation Telecom nor was it about the “losses” Verizon and AT&T suffered. This case has always been about the fact that Adam Nafa was right and still is right. We currently are witnesses as former Verizon Head Twerp Lawyer Ajit Pai is now the Commissioner of the FCC and he is attempting to roll-back Net Neutrality regulations set forth by the Obama administration. If Net Neutrality does get rolled back then we will see exactly what Adam Nafa was trying to warn us of in 2012. Mainstream Media will paint the new Net Neutrality fight as being “good for our kids future” when it is in fact only good for giant corporations like Verizon and AT&T.


To further substantiate Verizon and AT&T’s greed they claimed Adam Nafa’s video caused them a total of 18,500.00 in damages, 18,500.00 dollars for his speech because this alleged attack never happen therefore Verizon and AT&T didn’t suffer any losses. AT&T made the conscious decision to replace all their servers that were leaked and still to this day fail to close the gaping security holes Operation Telecom exposed, it is not Adam Nafa’s fault that AT&T’s servers are easily available, it’s AT&T’s fault. Verizon and AT&T are some of the biggest telecommunication corporations in the world and they obtain endless data of on our everyday lives, personal, private information which is then sold to huge advertisement agencies solely for corporatist profits. We use these services blindly and if we ourselves as mere citizens dared to release someone’s Personal Private Information legally known as PPI we would be in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and most likely prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, but it’s perfectly acceptable for these telecommunication corporations to release our personal, private information to the United States Government and third-party’s entities on a global scale?


People look at me like I’m crazy when I say that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is the father of The Patriot Act meaning for us as a society this was the tipping point, people as a whole were blinded at the time by the fear of war just like the Patriot Act. The amount tracking both online and in-person of Adam Nafa is nothing less than terrifying. Adam wasn’t innocent until proven guilty. He was guilty and presumed a “target” as soon as that Operation Telecom video hit the Internet this begs the question as what is the difference between free speech and “espousing” extreme anti-establishment views? There is no difference. Without “espousing” extreme anti-establishment views and opinions this country as we know it would cease to exist. The Operation Telecom video has huge implications for the current Net Neutrality fight. Adam Nafa tried to warn us of what we are now witnessing and for that, I commend him and see it only fitting to continue the mission he started.

By Anon Joziah – @dapeaple

We the people

Exuding free speech

Deserve nothing less than


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