Let’s start at the source of this narrative, the famed “Dossier” which is an opposition research initiative launched by the George Bush Neocon Bill Kristol. Mr. Kristol owns a Republican media outlet called The Free Beacon and he was a “Never Trumper” that launched this opposition research project during the 2016 Republican Primaries.

Mr. Kristol hired Fusion GPS originally, but it was later picked up by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Simpson testified before Congress to hiring a former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele to gather dirt on Donald Trump for the DNC and the Clinton campaign to be used against Trump in the General Election.

The only reason why the public knows this is because the transcripts from Mr. Simpson’s testimony were released to the media by Republican lawmakers. Republicans repeatedly state that this Dossier was put together by the Clinton campaign and the DNC without also mentioning that it was started by a Republican.

Another falsity out there is that Donald Trump is under criminal investigation to which Robert Muller himself clearly stated that Trump was NOT a target of a criminal investigation. It is also false when Republican lawmakers and those in media repeatedly claim that the Muller probe is not investigating Donald Trump or his campaign when in fact the Muller is investigating; “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”

Robert Muller who also happens to be a Republican is investigating whether or not Russia “meddled” in the 2016 election. Legacy-media outlets like CNN will tell their viewers all about the indictments and guilty pleas that have come from Muller’s probe but fail to mention that none of them have to do with Trump working with the Russians.

Another false narrative purposefully misconstrued is when attempting to hack our election is conflated with Trump conspiring with the Russians to steal the election. This is cemented by the “Intelligence Community” which consist of retired high ranking intelligence officers like Michael Hayden and James Clapper. People have taken the words of these men as if they are not to be contested

The fact is, the “Intelligence Community” has been wrong in the past like when Robert Muller helped lie us into a war with Iraq that killed nearly 1 million Iraqi civilians. James Clapper also lied to Congress when he stated the NSA didn’t wittingly spy on Americans. Its no secret that Michael Hayden is a liar and he ran “The Program” at the NSA which was a grave betrayal to the American people. He was confronted and asked about the constitutionality of the surveillance programs by NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake to which Hayden replied, “we have the power” as if it was pulled from the pages of George Orwell’s 1984.

The issue I have with the Intelligence Community coming to this conclusion is that they don’t provide answers to questions the public is looking for like how many votes were affected by the Russian hacking? How was our election hacked? Were there any votes changed as a result of this hacking?  We have to stop pretending as if this report from the Intelligence Community is the end-all-be-all when it doesn’t answer simple questions any investigative mind would pose.

The last part of this narrative I will address is the notion that Hillary Clinton somehow had the 2016 election stolen from her. Can we flashback for a moment to 2008 when Hillary Clinton ran for president and didn’t make it out of the primaries losing to Obama. How about her actions as Secretary of State? Was bombing Libya democratic or liberal in any way? Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election because of the Russians, she lost the election because she didn’t hold a press conference for 274 consecutive days during an election year…(mic drop) never mind me I may still be Bernin.

Written by Joziah Thayer – wedacoalition.org – Twitter @dapeaple

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