Travel And Tell No One

"Travel and tell no one,live a true love story and tell no one,live happily and tell no one,people ruin beautiful things.”~ Khalil Jibran These are such simple but profound words, people now a days choose to flash their tiniest moments on social media not only with their friends but for some the whole planet must … Continue reading Travel And Tell No One

Racism Cutting Our Roots

The Muslims themselves are the worst enemies of Islam,  we don't need anyone else to take us down, we are enough for this task ..Pardon my anger drenched in sarcasm but you'll understand the reason soon !! One of my Turk colleague gave me a book " British against Islam"  and asked me to read … Continue reading Racism Cutting Our Roots

How Free You Are….

How would you respond to someone or feel if someone forces their decisions and choices on you ? Regardless of you screaming that you are not interested,  you do not want or need that , ignoring the wailing they keep pushing it ....Imagine that for a minute  ,how suffocated , enraged , indignant you'll feel, now … Continue reading How Free You Are….

Life On The Sofa , In Your PJ,s

In 2010 , during my social media networking class,my professor said that a time will come when the world will be completely depending on the internet, people will stop leaving their homes ,everything , from work to shopping ,meeting with friends and relatives , doctors checking patients , students will be taking lessons at home … Continue reading Life On The Sofa , In Your PJ,s

Dignity Is The Way

Whilst mindlessly scrolling on social media came across this news about an "activist " from Women's Rights group femen , protesting against United States diplomats in Ukraine's capital Kiev, according to the news that women stood in Sub-Zero temperature with don't be a p***y  scrolled across her bare chest, and holding weapons .... Some might … Continue reading Dignity Is The Way

Why They Lie ???

Why do people lie ?well there is a simple response to that ,perhaps sometimes the truth is not so interesting for others ,and they know that they'll lose every shred of dignity if they speak the truth. I'm not justifying liars here ,allow me to elaborate, there are different types of liars , one who have … Continue reading Why They Lie ???

Women With No Socks

Out of respect, refraining  from putting her identity out there ,more importantly to keep my own soul humble and safe from feelings of arrogance any sign of pride, I will never share her name or her picture  ,but she sits on haunches ,on the way to my school, I have been seeing her for months, her clothes … Continue reading Women With No Socks

Don’t Let Your Desires Control You

One of the biggest tests for human beings is their basic two desires , some might  claim that there is a plethora of desires on the list ,but if you think deeper and analyse ,you will know that the most impacting are only two, it's the desires of the stomach and the carnal desires . … Continue reading Don’t Let Your Desires Control You

Select Your Flock Wisely

This is a reality we are only attracted to people whom we find  some similarities with , like-minded people or as the saying goes, Birds of a feather flock together, mature authentic and real people always attract and find themselves attracted to the same kind .If you put it like this that they see their own … Continue reading Select Your Flock Wisely

Julia Garner, A Zionist She Is

This is absolutely flabbergasting and displeasing, when the new series you begin to watch and actually get interested in the story, and then you feel that you must search the cast in the show only to find out,that the leading cast is a Zionist ,a supporter of the illegal state of Israel, which is the … Continue reading Julia Garner, A Zionist She Is