Eric Prince And Hollywood

As we know Hollywood has a way of glamourising war mongers , terrorists and criminals,  they make millions through spinning stories, suspense and catchy lines , Hollywood has the exceptional ability to make real life crooks portrayed as heroes. One example is this movie the American Sniper , in that movie,  a murderer Chris Kyle … Continue reading Eric Prince And Hollywood

Tarnish Islam To get Attention

This proven fact that Islam sells ,any so called politician ,far-right member , those hiding  in the Basements , wannabe social media attention seekers,or an old crook in the neighbourhood seeking attention of the masses use Islam, tarnishing a religion that is practiced by billions of people peacefully ,you will have the attention of your … Continue reading Tarnish Islam To get Attention

Trump & Toilets

Despite leaving the White House Trump certainly knows how to provide a comedy show that can keep people laughing at USA for months & ashame the Americans, this time it's Trump and Toilets again with more slapstick entertainment , a new book by Maggie Haberman shares,  White House staff “periodically discovered wads of printed paper … Continue reading Trump & Toilets

Those EyeLashes They’re Batting…

Distant hillocks look green , all the plastic, botox, fillers , lasers  and above all that the Latest cellphones with excellent abilities to alter the most ordinary looking people into a glamorous,  alluring creature, giving competition to any celebrity or beauty queen has proven it right .Those same people, when you see them around yourself, each … Continue reading Those EyeLashes They’re Batting…

Your Chewing Gets On Quinces!!! Eh

Mesophonia , "A condition in which individuals experience intense anger and disgust when they are confronted with sounds made by other human beings. In particular, sounds like chewing, lip smacking or breathing may cause intense anger and physical arousal" ,Or According to Harved Medical School " When sounds really do make you "crazy" " Since I learned … Continue reading Your Chewing Gets On Quinces!!! Eh

That Promise froze him to Death

Here's a story of an old man I read , sitting outside,  in the freezing cold night , without any warm clothes,  but despite that snowy ,numbing weather, he was doing fine , sitting and minding his own business.Whilst passing by A wealthy  man noticed that man, freezing in the outdoors , he walked over … Continue reading That Promise froze him to Death

They Are The King Makers

In arabic the word for knowledge is Ilm علم, and the word for respect is ادب and احترام, early Scholars always believed that you cannot learn anything  without respect, they used to test their students, their level of respect, not just for their mentors but the knowledge they want to acquire,  students of knowledge had … Continue reading They Are The King Makers

It’s only February & Israel has killed 9 Semites …

2022 has just begun, its only February and illegal occupiers of Palestine has already killed 9 Palestinians , and that's just the beginning, they've a steady criminal record, which they shamelessly boast about, no evidence, no trial, no rights, that's what they're proud of, here's the detail compiled by Adham Jamal Abdul-Rahim MabroukaFebruary 8, … Continue reading It’s only February & Israel has killed 9 Semites …

Sly As Foxes , Yes You are

A male friend once commented that we men don't look or criticize a woman, the way one women does to another,  we just look and enjoy what's there, but all the insecurities woman kind has is due to the disapproval and slagging of their own. Jealousy, backbiting, bringing each other down , slandering, this nefarious trait is … Continue reading Sly As Foxes , Yes You are

3 Palestinian Shot Dead in Nablus

The illegal Europeans occupying Palestine claims that they're a model of democracy,  we all know better already about this huge deception , but each day they provide a new reason to call them murderers, on Feb, 8, 2020 they shot dead Three Palestinian boys in Nablus , These three , identified as Adham Mabrook, Ibrahim … Continue reading 3 Palestinian Shot Dead in Nablus