A male friend once commented that we men don’t look or criticize a woman, the way one women does to another,  we just look and enjoy what’s there, but all the insecurities woman kind has is due to the disapproval and slagging of their own.

Jealousy, backbiting, bringing each other down , slandering, this nefarious trait is found among the female species the most, for a huge number of them ,their day must begin and end with comments & discussions about the whole neighbourhood,from family to extended family to workmates and the list is endless, that might includes someone that they saw across the street, met at the family gathering on the weekend.

If you look closely, a women brings more harm to another women than a man ,the slut shaming,  degradation, smearing ,daily dose of backbiting, useless competition over shallow things like clothes and bags .
An American feminist Gloria Steinem on various occasions has spoken about this ,she calls it “pull her down” syndrome, a way in which too often women denigrate other women.
Even at parties , where  everyone get together to share some good moments, they waste it on being catty & belittling others .They spends energies on makeup and dresses , to shine in the party ,while their actions are to dim others light … Alas

Its a fact work places ,where its only women working together, have a greater possibility of drama ,arguments, girlish outbursts than the mixed gender work places .The atmosphere is more mature and practical , probably when they’re among the opposite forces, they understand & stick to their own tribe slightly better ,and when you know that your actions will be noticed and disgusted by the opposite clan,you  try to keep the woman-ess in check.

I have  heard alot of women saying, its not men who cheats, breaks a family with their adultery,  extramarital affairs,  but in reality ,it’s the women  ,who never says No to him , reminds them that there’s an other of their own kind waiting for him at home, keeping her promise of loyalty and  responsibilities , or the family that’ll be effected if she’ll continue to be with him . If a women put stop to that relationship right there , she’s infact creating a history,  an example for others to follow , loads of homes will be saved because of this one No .The truth is we talk about female misery and degradation, We’ll  begin to see men respecting women ,they day we’ll begin to admire and give regard to each other.

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