The illegal Europeans occupying Palestine claims that they’re a model of democracy,  we all know better already about this huge deception , but each day they provide a new reason to call them murderers, on Feb, 8, 2020 they shot dead Three Palestinian boys in Nablus , These three , identified as Adham Mabrook, Ibrahim Nabulsi, and Mohammed al-Dakheel, were shot up in a car by the Zionist group, named Yamam special operations unit of the Israeli forces.The Zionist forces ,continuing their tradition mercilessly Asssassinated 3 Palestinians without any arrests, no lawyers, no evidence, no trial—no due process…

Israel claimed these Palestinians from Nablus , were responsible for shooting and attacking,at what they call ,army posts in the Nablus area. The point here is  ,how can an illegal occupation prance around armed to teeth , have check posts, and go around killing the natives without any consequences, Only in December, 2021 Over 120 Palestinians were injured when Israeli settlers ,attacked and raided Burqa village near Nablus  , since January 2022 , Illegal state of Israel has killed 9 Palestinians and that’s just beginning of the year.  Imagine till the end of the year what will be number,  and for them the Palestinians are not even a number, that’s the level of worthlessness in their sight .
These illegal occupiers shamelessly label the Palestinians “terrorists”, after they murder them on the streets,  and they expect the world to praise them for doing that, they sideline criticism and deny justice, when in fact they’re the ones occupying the land of the natives , making them homeless and landless,  and they expect them to act like slaves and comply with their lawless , illegitimate existence . No matter what they claim,  the semetic Palestinians has the right to resist,  armed or unarmed resistance is by all means their birth right , lack of defiance,  and standing up against their oppressors is surrender and illegal state of Israel will never get a chance to enjoy that dream , because the natives will never cease to fight back , though their loss is  huge each day but giving in is even much greater loss.

The glassy eyes of mourning parents, Depressing nighttime raids of homes by the Shin Bet, designed  to psychologically manipulate the people,threats to demolish one’s home are few of their tactics to intimidate the Palestinians,  they want to instill fear in them , and that’s not a villainy of one night,  but every night , in any part of the semetic land , the Zionist police burst into the homes without warrants,  arrest underage children and teens, patrol the neighborhoods and terrorize people. And that’s besides the killing of demonstrators and the bureaucratic violence of home demolitions and revocation of residency status. And the irony is they expect complete obedience. But Palestinians knows , obedience and surrender is not their tradition .”So long as our land is occupied it is the right of the Palestinian people and their factions to combine resistance and political activities. Resistance and its arms are directed against the occupation while political activity is part of re-arranging the Palestinian home. “~Khaled Mashal

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