Here’s a story of an old man I read , sitting outside,  in the freezing cold night , without any warm clothes,  but despite that snowy ,numbing weather, he was doing fine , sitting and minding his own business.Whilst passing by A wealthy  man noticed that man, freezing in the outdoors , he walked over to him and asked, him “Don’t you feel cold outside,  and you don’t have a coat ? ” The old man replied  ” no , I don’t have any coat , and I’m used to the cold now ” .

Hearing that ,the wealthy man responded
” wait for me , I’ll enter my house now , and I’ll bring you a warm coat ” . It made the freezing old man happy , he started waiting for the wealthy man’s promised warm coat , on the other hand, the billionaire got caught up with his work , and forgot his promise , later in the morning when he remembered the old man ,he went outside, with the coat in his hand , looking for him , but when he reached there ,he found the old man dead , and beside him laid a note saying  ” when I didn’t have any warm clothes, I  had the power to fight the cold ,I made myself strong and got used to the winds ,but when you promised me those warm clothes, I got attached to your promise , that took my power of resistance away “….

Its a brief story of few words , but the lesson is deep ,don’t waste words, if you don’t mean them, don’t get others hopes high if you have nothing to give,  your promises or hopefull words might be just a routine activity for you, but for some, it might means everything, the old man survived the tests of nature ,but after a rich man promised him warm clothes , this hope made his fighting spirits go weak for a moment,  empty words and empty vows are a heartbreaking precedent .

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