Yearning to keep one’s roots alive is real, to know from where you are,  your ancestors, your history, culture,  the way meal was served, guests were welcomed,  seasons  & events were celebrated, homes were decorated, the spirits & wise words of the elderly transferred to generations after generations.

Connection to our beginnings connects us with our own self when we discover all the codes of our DNA & its strengths & weaknesses.

This thirst is found more in the generations of those unfortunate ones who are ejected from their lands, ripped out,  and their chances of holding on to that warmth of tradition is destroyed.

For instance, the generations of aboriginals, the natives, are striving to find & connect with the light of their ancestors.
The natives of Palestine are striving to hold on desperately & protect their Semitic traditions,  history,  culture.

Some travel far distances to read & discover what’s left of their ancestors & hold on to that.

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