We are living in the world where human beings walk with their heads s down, eyes glued to their cell phone screens, most of the time people are looking for the messages or calls or emails they’re expecting, or YES checking locations while doing that they don’t notice anything around them like in the previous times human beings were used to navigate with instincts & focus, memorising , thinking & communicating.

Noticing & memorising the trees on the streets and any color or stone or Pebble that can help them to remember and memorize the way, but today’s human beings believe that this tiny thing in their hands is going to remember everything for them, decide everything for them, so they don’t have to train their minds to remember anything. By doing that they are weakening the Natural skill they’re born with.

As medical science has already proved that once you stop using any part of the body or mind, it’ll stop working eventually, just like that human’s ability to memorise & use their instincts is fading away slowly Alas …..

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