The modern people believe that slavery has ended, it is story of the past we have moved on to a new era ,where we don’t have that barbaric practice of dehumanizing Humans, but they’re forgetting something. In the morning world slavery is still practiced it is practiced in a way that you cannot even scream or protest about it is & we see the world promoting it.

let me give you an example to further understand this horrible culture of degradation, we have people working in environments which we called workplace,multi million worth offices , organization which we called the modern jobs placesc,where people are hired to prove how much they can take home to feed their children in 24 hours and 7 days a week they’re trained and programmed to grind themselves,

And after the decades of wars now most of the time in many countries to get the best without spending a penny they are taking people who are foreigners, illegal immigrants ,refugees, people whose circumstances have forced them to leave their homelands and move to the foreign lands and take whatever they are thrown at to keep their families alive.

Since they don’t have the documentations , loads of them don’t even have proper education, and they need the work,these people cannot protest ,as they’ve no rights , taking advantage of them is pretty easy ,these people have to sacrifice to survive , they’re used by the modem so cold Organizations or local small businesses for their own benefits because they know that there will be no consequences.

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