Mesophonia , “A condition in which individuals experience intense anger and disgust when they are confronted with sounds made by other human beings. In particular, sounds like chewing, lip smacking or breathing may cause intense anger and physical arousal” ,Or According to Harved Medical School ” When sounds really do make you “crazy” “

Since I learned this word, I feel hugely relieved that I’m not the only one who gets driven up against the wall ,by the sounds that comes out of human’s mouth  ,especially while eating.Growing up I had a hard time dealing with this problem, the annoyance wasn’t easy to explain ,and I’m certain that many will emphathize with me, as I was often told that ,you’re sensitive,  in addition to that I was scolded and reminded that ,a cacophony of scraping and banging their spoon constantly is a completely normal thing, so do not fuss about it, sitting on a table with friends or family  , And anyone chewing loudly , clanking the spoon hard between the teeth , or sipping tea noisily enough to wakeup the neighbours , not just that some individuals make sure that their breathing is exhaled with a pressure to blow someone away , belch loudly putting all etiquettes aside ,sometimes those triggered by a sound, have to beg for it to stop and try to explain why it matters so much. 
I have to clench my teeth to stop myself from uttering something bad , my stomach hurts in those situations, Inside my head I keep waiting for the moment they’ll finish eating or drinking,  so I can have some peace back .
For many , it’s an incomprehensible idea , but this is a reality for many , which is why there’s a emphasis on table manners in many cultures,  chew & drink slowly, as your tootle and thumps might be intensely distasteful for those around you .well ,Some might declare this a trivial & Lilliputian issue , like deciding to break the egg from which side , be that as it may , the chewing, breathing, snapping, scrapping, slurping gets on the quince of many .

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