Distant hillocks look green , all the plastic, botox, fillers , lasers  and above all that the Latest cellphones with excellent abilities to alter the most ordinary looking people into a glamorous,  alluring creature, giving competition to any celebrity or beauty queen has proven it right .
Those same people, when you see them around yourself, each day,  in their most natural looks , early in the morning or whole day at home unadorned , you keep getting confused & begin questioning your memory, Is this the same person? Or I am a scatter brain now ?  from a distance or through the camera lens they look splendid and flawless , but when you get a chance to peek closely , its all meretricious.

In a Turkish Movie named Mutluluk zamani , a male character went through the process of sprucing up his personality for a lady he was attracted to at work, he achieved all that only to find that ,from her hairs to her other “assets ” were just expensive lingerie making everything appealing, here’s a hilarious thought, you might be hanging out with someone picture perfect and only if you touch them ,their hairs might fall off ,or those long lashes they’re so adorably batting at you might be found in the soup bowl , all that tan might be so fresh that some of it might rub off on you aswell.

Seems like,  natural beauty ,will become a mirage soon , a rare thing,  like a blue moon .Most shattering issue for todays society is those fake beauties making everyone doubt themselves and their lives,  complexes and unrealistic expectations are causing loads of physical and mental illness among other humans, but they’re also responsible for fading away the real beauty,  with the hair extensions,  lip fillers & all “the jobs” becoming a new normal .

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