Do Not Abandon The One In Need…..

Todays post is just a quick rant about a pressing issue ...We come across many people in our lives who do not ask for help , but everything about them screams that they could use some help, not material help , they do not want money ,but time, although time is money, one cannot deny … Continue reading Do Not Abandon The One In Need…..

“New Beginnings ” By Aliyah Marie

"It's time for new beginningsTime for me to start livingMy life the way I want toImma stop playing foolI'm too intelligent for youHaha just kiddingThe worst thing a smart person can doIs think that they're smartI'mma just do my partTake care of the famMake breadJust stop giving a damnAbout the events that leadUpTo my broken … Continue reading “New Beginnings ” By Aliyah Marie

How To Be Around The One Going Through Hard Times…

One interesting thing about Sex & The City is when Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker got jilted on her wedding day, she took it to her heart, like any human being would. That's when her three girlfriends understanding the need of the situation wisely , helped her get back to life slowly and gradually.Sensibly … Continue reading How To Be Around The One Going Through Hard Times…

What Is The Art Of Happiness?

Is happiness a real thing or just an idea ? Is it just a state of our mind ,our thoughts depending on the moods ,according to the day ,and for some is it the art of imagination that gives us this feeling we call happiness ? Believe me if you have a quick search on … Continue reading What Is The Art Of Happiness?

Why Some People Don’t Express Themselves….

We all have come across people in our lives with tough or strong exteriors,  they walk and talk confidence and brilliance,  with great dressing sense,  fine dining manners , they know how to be a gentleman or a lady of class, but when it comes to their personal lives,  or love lives they're a wreak … Continue reading Why Some People Don’t Express Themselves….

Protect your Emotional Virginity

We all know how many frogs and toads we might have to kiss before finding the Prince charming,  that might help us to perfect our kissing skills , but ruin our ability to connect with humans , trust them completely,  the ghosts of the past keeps popping up ... some needs serious therapies to cope … Continue reading Protect your Emotional Virginity

Those EyeLashes They’re Batting…

Distant hillocks look green , all the plastic, botox, fillers , lasers  and above all that the Latest cellphones with excellent abilities to alter the most ordinary looking people into a glamorous,  alluring creature, giving competition to any celebrity or beauty queen has proven it right .Those same people, when you see them around yourself, each … Continue reading Those EyeLashes They’re Batting…

Everyone Sins Differently

Came across this very interesting line, "Don't judge others because they sin differently than you".Sounds like a very polite and humble reminder, whilst you weighing the wrongdoings of others, do not forget your own, as Charles F. Glassman said "Judging others is easy because it distracts us from the responsibility of judging ourselves".While we get … Continue reading Everyone Sins Differently