Is happiness a real thing or just an idea ? Is it just a state of our mind ,our thoughts depending on the moods ,according to the day ,and for some is it the art of imagination that gives us this feeling we call happiness ?

Believe me if you have a quick search on internet “what is happiness?” , you’ll have a flood of ideas ,everyone ready to share their idea of this word ,undoubtedly according to their own understanding. Hunter S. Thompson , American Journalist, said “So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” It’s not easy to define happiness to be honest ,especially when some people are living in luxury and facilities of kings ,but still they’ve a dark cloud on their mind , refraining them to take pleasure in those blessings.On the other hand there are those ,whom in their tattered clothes and dingy homes, they’re a content and a picture of joy.

But today I want to talk about something completely different, this idea ” sometimes you just have to use your imagination to make yourself happy ” ,this is absolutely for people like me, my love for reading books was inspired by my desire to fly and travel, to live anywhere I want and as I want ,I started to live in those stories from a young age. Especially when I find similarities with the characters in the book I’m reading , and some of my favourite writers like Nora Roberts or Judith McNaught ,who amazingly add details not just about the personality of their characters but the relatable behaviours, responses and descriptions takes readers like me in that world.Once I was obsessed  with Mills and Boons and Chicken soup aswell, the idea of reality of those characters has always  been fascinating, above all knowing that I’ll learn the endings eventually, adds the excitement and keeps the magnetism ..its not just about romance ,but even reading Paulo Choelo has the same effect.

Now is the time for some twist, a villain in the story of my perfect world ,its when i live in the real world, I feel completely lost , the uncertainty is one thing, but reality is simply ugly. Here’s an example, being a student of communication studies , I know perfectly that how camera lens change everything,  but when you see it with naked eye , with all its reality, alot is disappointing…..those who choose to live in the books and imaginations wants to hide from always being disappointed by humans.This trip to reality makes one lose its momentum.Until we are satisfied with the reality ,until we don’t need to escape in the books , or live with the stories of those characters….Although I’ll admit i feel confused sometimes,I feel so content in my own world that when a misery strikes me I get into a shocked state and angry at myself for not being awake.

This life is never a smooth ride , it’s a bumpy road ,with plenty of dark roads that we all have to travel , the world of stories and imagination is a sweet escape, the sudden rush of joy one feels while on a journey through these stories can indeed make us forget the miseries one is going through. Just telling yourself that soon I’ll sit down, with a cup of tea or something to eat , with my book , after I’ll escape this ordeal is energizing. Not just that, I’m sure people like me once they begin floating on imaginations, they forget the pain. so I’ll conclude ! Happiness is just a state of ones mind , it’s up to us ,how we program our minds to Switch,and create and feel the happiness. I guess we have to create happiness and feel it .

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