Khalil Jibran so eloquently said “You cannot judge any man beyond your knowledge of him, and how small is your knowledge”

There are many Amongst us who always complain about others lack of joining the fun , being an entertaining soul, dull or not matching others high spirits, not smiling enough , not being lively. Many of us must have often heard ” o please don’t invite him/her , he/she is so boring,  or she/he doesn’t have much interest in the conversations nowadays,  not much fun to have around “.

In fact ,Some people takes it to the other level and directly say it in others face that they’re socially unfit for the company. We are quick to form opinions but we never reach out to them sincerely and ask them, why they are like the way they’re? we selfishly complain about others introvertsness , their silence , but we never care enough to ask what made them lose their smile ?Because there is always a reason, for someone to act in such a fashion. When every human strive for happiness and joyfulness.

Indeed there are many who have inherently different ideas of entertainment,  or their personalities are opposite to group they’re hanging with , they are simply introverts with lack of interest in social life, that’s a different scenario, but here im talking about those souls who shows clear signs that something is wrong with their life,  they’re going through a rough patch ,one can notice that from their eyes .Here’s a example ,most of the times ,if you walk over to such individuals and strike up a conversation smoothly, with a smile and sincerity, they open up like a flower and begin to loosen up.

Although, I simply want to bring attention to the fact that when you see others lost in their thoughts,sadnesses surrounding them visibly, they visibly shows unhappiness,  losing interest in life and its pleasures,  don’t discard them like a social pariah, whom you begin to avoid and label as persona non grata .Put your feet in their shoes for a moment and try to understand them , because God forbid your own life could flip anytime aswell, we never know what trial the fate has decided for us the next moment .In addition to that, more importantly humans needs to learn and practice compassion and empathy instead of passing judgements and forming opinions.

We all have to go through bumpy rides in the life we live on planet earth,  where we are not just judged by the society but our own peers aswell,  which is absolutely crucial, one can expect such attitude from the society and form resistance against it over time , but when we are discarded whilst we are down in the dumps,  that breaks us apart, whose attention , acceptance and care means alot to us .

To those who are treated like a social pariah, they are losing their hearts , youth must not forget that ” they don’t know ” , they don’t have the idea of your suffering or agony, I would like to share a strong example,when the Prophet of islam Muhammad PBUH was stoned by the ignorant people of Taif , in response to his invitation towards Islam, his shoes were drenched in his own blood and the angel came down, and asked him should he crush them between the two mountains, he responded “they don’t know me” . And Rumi said “Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible. If the whole world turns against you keep your eyes on the Friend.”

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