The whole universe is a number, and it won’t be wrong to say that the universe is a game of numbers , based on numbers, from twelve planets to one sun , one moon , seven skies , from the number of oceans to continents and everything, furthermore if we notice every human being is also has a  number.Then comes energies, every single element has energy stored in it , plants and animals have their own energies whilst human beings have huge varites of energies , that’s what defines the diversified human personalities,how we live here , our patterns of life and choices is found in those numbers and energies associated with that number , there’s a code in the name that the child is given at the time of birth,  and the date and day and year they are born.That’s the reason in Islam there’s a huge emphasis on choosing the name with good meaning for newborns,  according to the Islamic law , that’s one of the most important law , it’s one of the right of a child and duty of parents towards  the soul they brought into this world.Then comes the elements ,and the four basic elements ,Air , Water , Fire ,Earth with their effects and meaning. Therefore  the planets, date of birth, month of birth,  the time ,elements and the name of a person combined ,speaks volumes about the personality they might have,and choices and decessions they make , their likings and dislikings in life.

Reading human beings is not an easy task as we are extremely complex creatures, an onion can lose the competition of number of layers , when it comes to human layers.Although our upbringing to our environment,our circumstances to our choices,everything decides and influences our personality and behaviours but if we have a closer look, there is a pattern that is somehow according to the numbers of our date of birth and name , as it’s called Numerology,I must clear one thing here,those who check horoscopes to know about their upcoming days and events in their life, predict future, which is an absolute bladderdash, no human has the ability to forsee the future,  only the creator of heavens earth knows , as a believer I strongly believe without an inch of a doubt that only the creator knows everything,  from our birth to death everything every happening and path , every choice and  decession is decided by him ,way before we were born .For instance , a tarot card or palm reader or a  horoscope prediction might tell you that you’ll be getting married next year ,but you cannot be sure that by next year you’ll be on planet earth,alive and living to get married , life and death and everything here is indeed in his hands alone …

But one cannot deny these codes and patterns are almost always correct, as from number one to nine , the codes are very clear,  for example anyone born on the fourth of June,  which is the sixth month of a year and fourth day , speaks volumes about that human ,according to the astrological names , that month is the month of Gemini , the element Air ,according to the Greek’s calculations the planet Mercury influences it alot,the planet of communication the number four is the number of balance , yet the air is flighty and moody , they’re street smart , have a tendency to lie and manipulate others , soft as a petal and calming for the soul when they want to be , and on their flip side they can be cold as a glacier and distant, they love conversations and having humans around , interacting with humans from diverse cultures fire their energies up , but they also need alot of “me time” to recharge their energies,  one might have a different experience or opinion, but it’s a huge possibility the individuals with this date and element are mostly against their own familie’s ways of upbringing,  they choose to swim and fly in the opposite direction  , excitement is necessary for them , as boredom is something that they cannot stand,  most of them have a tendency to find solace in alcohol and spirits,  because they have no backbone when it comes to their own emotions.In relationships they’re an experts in ghosting , some might feel that they’re playing games,  which they absolutely love,but they’re just not strong enough to face the music once they’re done with creating the mess.

Just like that if we begin to understand these patterns we can decipher the codes and read people instantly,  some times we might have an opposite experience from the usual pattern due to certain factors, but there’s a huge possibility that some parts of the pattern are still alike …. Reading humans like a book is an interesting activity,  peeling the layers and responding to them according to their personalities is an art one might enjoy learning.

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