If you ask everyone what are the causes of the Yemeni war, you will find the majority saying that the war on Yemen has political, geographical, and demographic reasons, but what we know about the war on Yemen is that it is only for the purpose of restoring the legitimate government and ending the coup without knowing the truth of what the warlords and leaders of the coalition promoted and the reality of the situation and the political process that Yemen was experiencing before the coalition led by the United States of America created the Yemen crisis.

But before we get into the reasons, let’s go back a little and review the hidden secrets that created the Yemen crisis.

Before the coalition war on Yemen, there was a dialogue between Saudi Arabia and Ansar Allah in Saudi Arabia, and that dialogue was disrupted as soon as King Salman and his son came to the power. At the same time, there was an internal dialogue between all Yemeni political components headed by Abd Rabbah Mansour Hadi, which stipulates the formation of a presidential council consisting of five people and accommodating all Yemeni political components, and this was confirmed at that time by the UN envoy to Yemen, Jamal bin Omar.

All Yemeni political parties were on the verge of reaching a political solution, despite some foreign countries pushing some Yemeni parties to disrupt solutions and drag Yemen into chaos. When Saudi Arabia and the UAE realized the futility of their desperate attempts to drag the Yemeni political parties into the square of violence, the coalition countries were forced to withdraw their embassies and announce the start of their war on Yemen on March 26, 2015, at 2 am Saudi time.

Then, the real causes of the Saudi and Emirati war on Yemen began to gradually become apparent, especially in Socotra, Mayun, Al-Jawf, Aden, Mahra and Hadramawt. In Al-Jawf, Saudi Arabia has repeatedly tried since 2011 to penetrate the Yemeni border in Al-Jawf Governorate in order to explore oil wells, as these areas are from the Middle East regions with a large stockpile. The great and enormous oil, according to American and Western studies

In Socotra, the UAE has sought and is still striving to obliterate the identity of the island of Socotra and its occupation. Sometimes you find the Emirati media calling it a remote island in the Arabian Sea, and at other times it is officially announced as belonging to it by activating the UAE international communication code

On Mayon Island, located in the Bab al-Mandab Strait, the countries of the alliance sought with the Zionist entity to build a military base on the island and offered all the islanders to leave the island in return for huge sums of money after they built a large residential city for the island’s residents in Mocha.

Not to mention the Saudi ambitions in Al-Mahra represented by a pipeline and a marine channel in Al-Mahra with a length of 900 km, which will be 600 km in Saudi lands and 300 km in Mahra governorate to transport oil to the UAE and avoid crossing it through Bab al-Mandab and the Strait of Hormuz

Even stranger than that (the legitimate government), the pretext for which the war was based, was completely excluded from the political scene, and other forces were established, such as the Transitional Council in Aden and the Republican Guard in the areas adjacent to Bab al-Mandab, which in turn will contribute to the continuation of the stagnation of the port of Aden and its continuation at the disposal of the UAE, in order to know the impact of the Emiratis The big one, if it is activated, on the Dubai port and the UAE economy

Now we can say that the real reasons for the Saudi and Emirati war on Yemen have become clearer through some of the reasons that were mentioned and that unfolded during the years of war.

No coup has occurred, nor a legitimate government has been restored, and the real reason for prolonging the Yemeni war is the efforts of the coalition countries to implement their colonial projects under false pretexts and open tricks.

By Mohammed Albokhety

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