The biggest challenge for humans is not to refrain from committing sins ,Ofcourse one must avoid as much a soul can ,but one must keep in their mind that making mistakes is part of our design , the creator of heaven and earth knows that .He has stated our weaknesses clearly to us , in the holy book of Quran, in chapter of Nisa he said , “Man is created weak” , He knows we have desires and needs that each one of us struggle immensely to control. And many amongst us will lose that control, we’ll lose our way , sway away from our path.

From our forgetfulness, to greed , from our hastiness to negligence , everything is part of our human nature. We surrender to our Carnel desires ,we mislead our souls. He told us our battles, Ofcourse he is our creator, he knows his creation.He knows that man is very sensitive. We are unable to tolerate neither extreme heat nor extreme cold. It’s impossible for us to cope with neither hunger nor thirst. Even an unseen disease can knock us down. We wear ourselves down thinking about the past , we get restless and agitated about the future.

The biggest trial for mankind, especially for the believers is once we make a mistake, some decides to keep drowning until they stop breathing, until they give up all the efforts to swim out of the darkness for a breath so they can continue life. As this is the worst trap of devil,  his whispers gets stronger , infact they turn into loud noises, and he drags us to the point where he takes over completely  and his voice is the only voice left .That’s when we lose not only our faith and hope in mercy but that’s the point where we stop struggling.

Sins have a burden ,they bring heaviness on the heart and soul ,regardless of the fact if one is a believer or not , Prophet Muhammad said, “Every son of Adam commits sin, and the best of those who commit sin are those who repent.” ( Sunan Ibn Majah) . Allah has told us his 99 names , and each name is mercy , he is الرحمن , الرحيم ,  his mercy is evident , he says ,“If any one does evil or wrongs his own soul but afterwards seeks God’s forgiveness, he will find God Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful”.

Despite the promises and hopes , many souls covers their ears , they stop their hearts from seeing hope,this leads to a dangerous road.Thats what devil loves , such souls becomes his favourite project , because that’s when he knows that he has gained complete control over them ,and he doesn’t have to work hard , as that human has ceased his soul from seeking and seeing light , he has decided to walk towards darkness and fade away eventually.

Do not give him that power , do not lose hope in the mercy , do not let his whispers take over you.He did not created you to refrain from sin , as he knows you’ll be distracted,  he created you to keep returning back to him and fall in love with him , keep trying to hold on to that love until his love is the only love left in your heart , that’s when all your worldly desires, pain,  needs , fears will vanish and you’ll be complete. Do not deprive your soul from obtaining that state of fullfillness.

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