“The Dubious Lover” By Aliyah Marie

"You playing gamesI don't wanna participateAll I've ever doneIs make you the oneThat's on my mindCan't even find the timeFor myselfI'm stuck in a bindThat's bad for my healthBut you don't care about all thatYou only care about yourselfTo you imma door matThat says welcomeAnd you just step on MeYou can go nowYou can leaveCuz … Continue reading “The Dubious Lover” By Aliyah Marie

The Pubs & The Mosques….

Whilst walking with a friend who loves alcohol ,in a neighborhood full of pubs and bars the street took a completely different turn and we ended up in the area full of mosques. Interestingly he commented  "why there are so many mosques? how can a person decide which mosque I want to go and pray … Continue reading The Pubs & The Mosques….

This Economic War Is A Homewrecker

Economic crisis leads to family and relationship crisis and dragging individuals to a dark life of isolation and deprivation..... whoever disagrees with that haven't lived the situation or they're oblivious to the reality of it. After the coronavirus pandemic or plan-demic that turned the world upside down for almost two years , now we are … Continue reading This Economic War Is A Homewrecker

Feeling Emptiness, Sadness, Anxiousness, Worthlessness…. You Are Not Alone

Our hearts and souls gets burdened by the worries and fears of this worldly life .So much so that the Prophets with strongest their faiths , when they went through trails and tribulations, after the loss of their loved ones,  suffering and triumph, they also felt fear ,pain,suffering, sadnesses, emptiness.There are days in our lives … Continue reading Feeling Emptiness, Sadness, Anxiousness, Worthlessness…. You Are Not Alone

Value Your Elderly….Old Is Gold

Long time ago, I read on a picture message shared on social media by a friend from Africa saying " In Africa,  our elderly are not kept in nursing homes, they stay at home and teach their grandchildren the way of life". So today when I read this news about Japanese made Cannes film "Plan … Continue reading Value Your Elderly….Old Is Gold

“New Beginnings ” By Aliyah Marie

"It's time for new beginningsTime for me to start livingMy life the way I want toImma stop playing foolI'm too intelligent for youHaha just kiddingThe worst thing a smart person can doIs think that they're smartI'mma just do my partTake care of the famMake breadJust stop giving a damnAbout the events that leadUpTo my broken … Continue reading “New Beginnings ” By Aliyah Marie

Do Not Let The Whispers Of Devil Take Control

The biggest challenge for humans is not to refrain from committing sins ,Ofcourse one must avoid as much a soul can ,but one must keep in their mind that making mistakes is part of our design , the creator of heaven and earth knows that .He has stated our weaknesses clearly to us , in … Continue reading Do Not Let The Whispers Of Devil Take Control

A Heartless Society

Today's post won't be long perhaps, just a heartbreaking rant and rave. The heartlessness and selfishness of humans is appalling. Whilst searching came across this post on Facebook,  shared by an account from Turkey , showing clicks of two boys having a brawl in the middle of the busy street . The account wrote that … Continue reading A Heartless Society

The Green Dress

You might have heard and read this motivational statement " do whatever makes you happy "  , its really a deep one , I'll share something very simple yet I found it bringing me immense pleasure.One fine morning I woke up & starred getting ready for my class,  and I felt like all I want … Continue reading The Green Dress