Whilst walking with a friend who loves alcohol ,in a neighborhood full of pubs and bars the street took a completely different turn and we ended up in the area full of mosques. Interestingly he commented  “why there are so many mosques? how can a person decide which mosque I want to go and pray in?” And abruptly a response came out of my mouth “you never have the same problem whilst walking around the pubs and the bars, how do you decide, which bar I want to go to and drink tonight ? So why we are so confused about the mosques? when it is just a house of worship and you can go and pray in any of them, whichever you find closer”.

It is the same with those unfortunate ones ,who complain about the sound of, the prayer call, with “oh it is too loud” or “we get disturbed by this noise 5 times a day”, their ears never complain about the music that is played all day, they do not moan about the  profanity that fill their ears or the constant hammering on their nerves about a lover of the world or melancholy connected to those past days that drags the soul to desolation.But many voice their dislikesness about the divine call towards betterment , “Hasten to real success, hasten to real success” .

Human beings complain about difficult lives and they want nothing but success, but they pay no heed to the calls of betterment.Those arrogant souls drown themselves in liquor and music and yet have the audacity to whine about hard lives.Their hypocrisy is absolutely interesting,It is amsuing to witness ,how human beings think that this this universe belongs to them and must obey their commands…..Alas !

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