We are all always looking for reasons to live , to wake up in the morning , to continue to live each day.Without a purpose life is like a gigantic mountain that makes us feel exhausted and we lose all the energy to live it in a blink. Purposeless, useless,meaningless…

Some humans believe that we are born to worship, to constantly pray and be righteous and be perfect.But lets stop for a moment, the creator says that to worship me I have an army of angles , who never raise their heads , always bowing infront of me , they’re designed to devotedly glorify me, in Quran, he says  “They, (angels) disobey not, the Commands they receive from God, but do that which they are commanded” (Quran 66:6). Now comes perfection ! He created his Prophets for that , who were in human bodies , just like us , they lived on this earth , went through similar trials, as many of us are going through, infact they are an example for us ,a guidance , their lives are a roadmap for us,guiding us.

So are you sent here to be an angel or a saint or a prophet ? The answer is a huge NONE of them, you are sent here to fall in love with your creator, to return your heart to him before your soul returns back to him.How hard is it to fall in love? Isn’t our heart always seeking love? Rumi made it much easier ,he said “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”.

Those barriers are the only hurdle between the love that we desperately yearn to find.Those barriers could be our worldly desires, our animalistic desires, greed , our weaknesses,  that stops us from seeking love , fear of knowing the real meanings of life.We turn the most simplest and beautiful feeling of “love” into the greatest ordeal , then we tire ourselves and give up on finding love.All he wants from us is a promise that we’ll love no one but him ,by saying لا إله الا الله ,” There is no God but Allah” . But for many souls holding on to that simple promise is impossible.We deprive ourselves from tasting that eternal love that’ll make us complete.

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