Every picture has a story to tell ,have you ever had those melancholic nights, when the moon is like a huge round cheese on the sky , full and bright,  the light of it is either calming your soul or making you restless for no reason, like a storm in the sea , some have crying  spells,  sleeplessness and moodswings …  some souls stay awake for hours just to stare at it , like this cat on the top of the roof ,sitting all by herself,  with its back to the world , like someone lost in thoughts .

This drawing speaks the story of those nights, when the moon is complete and luminous , making everything on the earth clear and dark ,you can see everything but the darkness of the night is covering all other colours in black only ,  yet its mesmerising,  the feeling of loneliness and longing is there ,the yellow moonlight with its captivating energy attracts and excites many …

If I speak for myself, on those full moon nights I always wonder what’s it like to live on the moon , creating stories in the head , romantic and fictional, imagining a calm and quiet life , especially on warm summer nights , when looking at the moon makes us feel like cool , or those cold winter nights when the rest of the world is sleeping and you can have conversations with the moon

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