Ukraine and Russia’s conflict has proven to be the most propaganda filled issue of the century perhaps,  only in matter of days the Disinformation and Misinformation has spread like wildfire, so much that First DraftNews felt the need to share the difference between both of them and urged the masses to recheck and confirm the news before sharing it , furthermore they posted sources and tools to verify every piece of information,  for instance they suggested reverse image search before sharing any image , as one story explicitly caught the attention of the world,  when the images and videos of  a semetic Palestinian girl Ahad Tamimi was used by the Ukraine enthusiasts spreading her as a Ukrainian girl standing up to Russian troops, Esther chan has posted several tweets about out of context videos used for the purpose of spreading misinformation, its essential to verify the images and videos to avoid confusion and chaos.

The Ukraine sympathisers and anti Russians have forgotten the difference between sharing news and spreading propaganda,  from videos to posts and images posted by social media keyboard warriors has opened a debate in the world of journalism,  from the social scientists to media theorists,everyone is in awe .Facebook, Twitter , Instagram,  TickTock are all fired up with out of context images , imposter accounts and bots are used for this purpose extensively.

In order to put an end to this culture of false news and disinformation , veracity must be promoted and mendacity must be discouraged publicly, beginning from the mainstream media’s so called journalists to the keyboard warriors.Journalist Lucinda Beaman wrote “Preserving harmful social media content is important for historical and legal purposes. Archive what you see. You can use sites like these, and many others:

Wayback Machine –
Archive today –
Perma cc – 

If we begin to dig deeper it’s the Europeans and Americans desperate to prove their long time animosity against Russia,  the second on the list of bogeymans after the Eastern muslims , western leaders have used against the minds of their masses. The terrorists and anti peace characters drilled in their minds are either Muslim , Russian or in case of Americans it’s also Chinese, unfortunately there’s a consensus on the Mulsims by the bigoted west,  which the have immensely proven during this Russia and Ukraine crisis,  from the sealed lips for Afghanistan,  Yemen , Iraq , Syria , Somalia etc to screaming for Ukraine .

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